Yeah, about that GPS unit….

FBI: “we just totally profiled you and attached a GPS to your car, but you caught us. Can we have the unit back now?”. What did this unit cost us taxpayers? How about $6500? While I can totally appreciate the frugality of asking for a $6500 unit back from the person that you were quasi-legally tracing, I also wonder if it can’t be done cheaper, like NOT TAILING PEOPLE UNTIL A CRIME’S BEEN COMMITTED.

UPDATE FROM STEPHENV: Here’s the reddit follow-up thread on the ordeal by the guy who owns the car. And the post that some think led to the FBI flagging… It’s creepy to think the FBI sits around reading reddit all day.


who is john galt? Me, that's who!

  1. In the totalitarian police apparatus, the question isn’t whether you are guilty of a crime or not, it’s whether you’ve been caught.

  2. The device is a Orion Guardian ST820, which the price sheet says costs between $4781.11 and $6504.03

    I would definitely bash it with a hammer if I found something like this on my car. They really can’t do anything about you destroying something you take off your own vehicle.