WikiLeaks and the gullibility of the masses

Another day, another round (or two) of drama with the WikiLeaks crew. There is a growing amount of skepticism and uncertainty about the organization and leader right now (which I probably shoddily addressed elsewhere), but I have yet to find the actual act of leaking something to condemn anyone for. Ultimately we have to assume that the documents are actually genuine given our government’s reaction, though it’s pretty obvious we the masses are still not seeing the big picture. Here’s where mass psychology becomes the topic du jour and everyone is trying to outguess the other guys and the world is again fraught with confusion over a historical unfolding that brings out the prophets of truth. Yadda yadda yadda, turn on your tv and tune out to idiocracy.

My context of choice in all of this is a low tech photo of a most informative manual (Hannah Arrendt, Origins of Totalitarianism p. 499):

As for me, I’m trying to temper my feelings with seeing good to come out of this in the form of actual disclosures that are not refuted.. I’d love to see how the liberty movement’s dance step changes now that the notorious Julian Assange has dropped the mic.

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