Why [crooked] business [is afraid of] the Tea Party

BusinessWeek has an article up that’s little more than a thinly veiled attempt to smash up the insurrection — with doubts as to the genuineness of the Tea Party’s commitment to commerce. I took the liberty with the title to help explain exactly which businesses have a problem with the Tea Party movement — Why [crooked] business [is afraid of] the Tea Party…

For business leaders who prize pragmatism and stability, it was all too much. “We worried about her ability to get along with the legislature,” says Otis Rawl, chief executive officer of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. “We wanted to bring the debate away from the Tea Party and back to the middle.” Chamber members, he says, tend to be “more realistic and moderate in their thought processes. We prefer candidates who are not extreme. If you look at the Tea Party, I think most of them would say they hate Big Business.”

If big business is corrupt, then they have a lot to fear. Seeing as the The Tea Party is everyone, I speak for myself and probably quite a few when I say: There is legitimate mistrust of business mingling with government, and most people are wising up to this. The fact that this so blatantly shakes them up makes me think the Tea Party is onto something, even after certain media and business interests have made clear their machinations to co-opt or squash it.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. The interesting thing is how self-defeating this really is. Given that the public face of the tea party is Sarah “drill baby drill” Palin, who wants to rape the commons for select corporate interests (which, BTW, is why no free marketer should look at her, since she doesn’t want to open the market, just make sure her cronies get all the commons pie), the lack of wisdom here is just astounding. Then on the other side, we have Obama, who’s literally campaigning against the CoC. Net result: nobody left to ally with the chamber. As with most things tea party, this could turn out to be high-larious or sad, depending on how serious they really are.

    1. Sarah Palin is looking out for Sarah Palin. She’s a corporate sponsored parasitic worm trying to invade the libertarian Tea Party’s hopes of seeding free-market garden… most people should grasp that.