CONGRESS: While the Lame Duck Dithers

So here we are, the so called lame duck session of Congress. This is the time when our Congress critters are supposed to really get things done. We have a tax situation which is crippling the country economically. as we limp into 2011, businesses, individuals, and the IRS have no idea what the rules or tax rates for the new year are going to be. This, more than any other factor is having a negative impact on hiring and economic activity for the near term future. The reason is simple, it is called predictability. As plans are made for the upcoming year, the decision is going to be made to hold off any expansion until we know what the terms of risk and reward are going to be. If you don’t believe me, ask the people you know who own businesses.

With that in mind, what is Obama’s top priority for his lame duck wish list? Why it’s START of course. Now, for those of you who thought that Islamic extremists were the enemy we faced today, sorry, Obama has placed those former commies on the other side of the fence again. I guess he missed that thrilling video of the Berlin Wall coming down back in 1989. Never mind that these arms limitation treaties are symbolic at their best, and terribly problematic in their application at their worst. This is Obama’s top priority, problematic symbolism. Just a couple of questions for those of you who disagree. Do you lie awake at night worrying that the British have Nuclear Weapons? Of course you don’t. The problem is not the weapons, but who has them. Are you worried that Iran is close to having Nuclear Weapons? As we see, not all armed nations are equal.

Now for what’s problematic about this symbolic approach. While we set our good example for the world, by disarming, What will Iran do? What will North Korea do? I doubt there is anyone out there who honestly believes that the thugs in the world will follow suit. Quite to the contrary, they will be actively arming to the teeth. The fact is, we are not arguing this in a vacuum. Reagan proved that by building our military might to the point that thugs were reluctant to engage us in conflict, would produce the results we saw with the Eastern Block during the early 1990’s. He was ridiculed for his SDI, which later proved to be a success, and was credited by former Soviet Leaders as the thing which actually put an end to the Cold War.

On to the second part of this posting. I’ll let Thomas Sowell put an end to the myth that, “tax cuts for the rich,” result in a decrease in revenue going into the Federal Coffers. I’d also like to state my dismay with my fellow conservatives that we are willing to allow the liberals dictate the narrative. Tax rate cuts are not something which need to be paid for. Taxation is nothing more than government confiscation of personal property in the first place. The government after all produces nothing. Any funds spent by the government are funds which in effect were stolen from its citizens. Now, I have stated before that I am not an anarchist. There are legitimate functions of a government, infrastructure, defense, border control are three examples. Supplying benefits for one group of citizens deemed worthy by a government is not a legitimate function, at least not in a society based on freedom.

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  1. While I favor a strong defensive stance against my neighbor, I don’t think I should go arming the retarded homeless guy down by the 7/11 and tell him he needs to protect himself from a neighbor I have had strife with.

    Obama’s START focus is more show and theater for the press. God knows what these people are saying and doing behind closed doors.

  2. I liked the apropos of nothing picture, it added that frisson of “I am going to slime the other side no matter what they do”. Stay classy.