While this is international, it’s relevant, trust me ;P

It seems in their finite wisdumb, an Indian company has “gracefully” offered to relieve Indian ISPs of their burden to recordkeep by making a SSO for the entire country Whether or not the SSO is a wise idea, we have three ugly things here: first, that the government requires records to be kept on the off chance that something illegal is done (I would hope that this is unpossible in America, but I can see it happening nonetheless); second, that a NGO gets to administrate the program, because, you know, the only thing worse than an elected official with too much of your private information is an unelected corporation; and third, that they propose a virtual monopoly on this information. In this case monopoly is shorthand for “bend over and smile”. Think of Zuckerberg with a legal mandate and you can see how ugly that part can get.


who is john galt? Me, that's who!

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  1. There will be circumventions, there always are. I don’t believe in the invasiveness of recordkeeping here either and believe firmly in dumping identifying information when people post anonymously… I’m open to new ideas on properly shield ourselves from the blight of censorship.

    I believe the right to speak your mind without fear of arrest is a cornerstone of liberty.