Wayne Allyn Root, I don’t even…

Apparently the supposed public face of the Libertarian Party, he clearly has a cosmetic fixation: witness the obviously capped teeth and that Jersey Shore orange hue, wow:

I mean, does this guy look slick or what! You could probably put him in a line-up of Wall Street and nobody could find him. Like a really stupid version of Waldo, where when you find him, he tells you why libertarians should be pro-war, anti-foreigner, prohibitionist jerk-offs because it’ll help them get elected… trust him. He’s clearly trying so hard… to make himself look good, just look at his website: Root for America!

No man needs that many gold stars. This is looking like a classic example of small pee pee complex, and I am hereby prescribing for Root to buy himself another SUV and leave the real liberty movement the fuck alone.

Lib Cog El I Us

America needs a Robespierre, if only for a week.

  1. Hello from Texas !
    I met Wayne Allyn Root at the Texas State Libertarian meeting last year. He’s an interesting, charismatic guy. He’s got a ton of money. His campaign bio is actually pretty good reading.
    But he’s a little to much into the God’n’Troops’n’TheFlag to be a good standard-bearer for the party.
    All in all, though, I’d rather have him with us than against us.

    1. I don’t think random strings of letters and viagra ads will help bring in more traffic, but we’ll try to clean the filter as often as we can.

      Recent comments in the sidebar might help.

    2. I turned it off for now. BTW, I recommend you register, because I might just do something to irritate and annoy anyone who obsessively watch without participating. You are clearly the participating type.

      For everyone else: we’re not about looking for passive news consumers. There’s enough people willing to cater to that and build a business on just bitching about the news. Frankly I’m not in this for the money or the popularity, but for the results of our actions.

      I know the site’s only been up for a month, but the activity level surpasses many established sites. I am just trying to put policing code in place that will assert control against malicious actors. Sorry you got caught up in it.

  2. paulie and stephen – if HOT is going to be yet another venue to bash Wayne Root, then count me out as a regular visitor.

    1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not bashing Wayne.

      I actually like him now that I know him personally.

      He’s moving more in our direction all the time, although I still have a lot of things I don’t agree with him on.

      I think too many people take a nasty tone with him, unnecessarily.

      1. Me with the smartest and best looking Root (Dakota):

        I was handing out IPR surveys (the orange cards) and she was handing out those signs.

        LP national convention.

        1. Root is extremely skilled at what he does, I compliment him greatly on his ability to be a successful brand that people talk about him. Also, his daughter is HOT.

    2. Dissent is a beautiful thing, even aimed at myself. But at this moment he’s an outsider to many like myself who think he really knows how to shuck and jive for the tv man while saying mostly libertarian stuff.

      If someone is worthy of scorn and admonishment, by golly I encourage it.