Voters beware of NRA endorsements!

The NRA now claims to be a one issue, Second Amendment, group endorsong incumbent politicians regardless their positions on other issues if they have voted favorably on Second Amendment issues while in office. It is not that simple. Just because a politician votes in favor of Second Amendment issues does not mean they vote in favor of individual liberty and are not willing to compromise the Constitution. The entire voting record of the candidate must be taken as a whole package. I split with the NRA on this. If every single incumbent voted for Second Amendment rights yet voted on all other legislation taking us from individual liberty into tyranny does that mean they will allow us to keep our firearms? Absolutely not because then we become a threat to their domestic tranquility when they have destroyed ours. No totalitarian system in modern times has ever allowed their citizens to keep their firearms. Why would our ruling class be any different as we move into socialism and eventually into full blown marxism which requires absolute control by the ruling class?

The NRA has endorsed incumbent John Salazar (D-socialist), my Congressman, who has consistently voted 97% of the time siding with socialism, larger government, erosion of individual liberty and is known as Pelosi’s puppy. The NRA also endorsed Betsy Markey, another Congress member from Colorado who has been in Washington for only 2 years yet has been an unwavering socialist. I will not vote for Salazar for any reason. The endorsment of Salazar and Markey by the NRA has done great damage to the NRA. Salazar’s Congressional District is rural mountain Colorado except for the socialist sanctuary city of Pueblo, CO. Markey’s Congressional District is also mostly rural eastern plains Colorado. The NRA endorsment will make absolutely no difference in the outcome as both are in great jeapordy on being defeated except further degrade the reputation of the NRA with gun owners.

I believe the NRA has been infiltrated by the enemy and will have to be purged. We can vote with our dollars, that is what I am doing, no more money to the NRA.

I recommend you ignore all NRA candidate endorsments everywhere and look at the candidates voting records and their unwavering support for individual liberty, limited government, free market economics and a strong national defense. The NRA no longer counts in politics as they have proved for the past several months.

NRA has lamely attempted to explain how they can endorse candidates who have nothing in common with any of us. that is proof enough to me to believe the NRA is now controlled by leftists. It is the Alinsky way.

Julian VanDyke, Jr.

"Tracker" is a Vietnam War veteran with a lot of anger to share. We asked him his rank once and he told us to stuff ourselves. He's on your team, and that's probably all you need to know scruff.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Gun Owners of America as they are the current libertarian favorite. But I urge people to constantly be vigilent of the organizations they support and not to ever blindly support people or campaigns.