Tyranny against entrepreneurs: why the recovery rhetoric is a joke

John Stossel‘s show this past week had a great look at the amazing amount of obstacles being put in front of entrepreneurs. It shows one side of the problem with why America isn’t recovering from this epic downturn: people are being run out of business by the government at every turn, with the entrenched businesses taking the lead in defending this anti-free-market behavior.

But what seems to be missing from this equation is the amount of cash that’s being thrown at the established businesses by the government, who are already given oligarchy status against upstarts. The absurd amount of money that is being thrown their way just shows how completely out of touch the government is on just how the free market works (you have a product or service to sell, and anything that hampers you only ends up raising the price). This is the part that should piss everyone off.

Anyways, Stossel as always does a great job of explaining a situation in all it’s absurdity, here’s the full show in seven segments:

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Public Transit Unions: No competition allowed!

Part 3 – Entrepreneurs under attack by endless government rules

Part 4 – Licensing madness

Part 5 – Should entrepreneurs need a license to sell caskets?

Part 6 – The audience has its say

Part 7 – Stossel’s perspective

Stephen VanDyke

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