1. If you had ever taken just a basic Macroeconomics course you would realize this commercial is completely untrue. First of all, the basic principle for overcoming a recession, and lowering unemployment is to RAISE government spending. Also, more importantly regarding this video is the fact that china doesn’t own “most” of our debt. In fact, they own a very small portion of it. 61% is owned by our own government agencies; the Federal Reserve, Social Security, State Governments, etc.. Another 14% is owned by the U.S. Private Sector, i.e. Insurance firms, law firms and so on. So that’s 75% of our enormous debt. Of the 25% owned by foreign entities, yes, china owns a large portion of that. BUT, “most” of 25% is nowhere close to owning all of our debt.

    Don’t succumb to these fear tactics and propaganda. These political agencies have agendas. Do some research on your own.

    1. First of all, the basic principle for overcoming a recession, and lowering unemployment is to RAISE government spending.

      That one goes down under “lies your teacher told you”

  2. They might not own it all but they are probably the largest single owner. And they arent in the mess that the US is. Their foreign policy is sound and they know how to do good, sustainable international business rather than wage war when they dont get the deals they want to maintain their staus quo.
    Its the begining of the end for the American “empire”. The people that dont think so are the Americans. Sad but true.

  3. I’m not Pro-American in any way. I don’t approve of the way the United States handles foreign or domestic policy. It’s a mess. I just can’t stand things like this video that just use fear to further their agenda.

  4. America is locked into a landing pattern and running out of fuel! Massive changes much more sweeping that that of Obama’s design are in order! The Empire as we know it is crumbling almost exactly as predicted by Russian writers who also predicted the fall of the U.S.S.R accurately! China does little to profit greatly from the follies of the death-struggles of the American Empire – They don’t have to! America is thrashing itself to death. Can you buy a good American car today? Are most cars on American roads of Asian design? Why? Do great football stars out of college make for a strong nation? Hell no! I say – We have neglected our intellectual community and worshiped our sports stars for far too long, and have failed to keep up with the modern world! The most recent documents of science and engineering are written in Mandarin and Sanskrit, for translation into American English, not the other way around as was at one time! America is a laughing-stick nation waving around a deflated fiat dollar and decrying its victories in WWII in the Twenty-First Century, where China and Asia in general have won hands down the Economic war against American Corporatists. the Ass-hole American working class go down as the biggest fools of all for not supporting Obama’s socialist medical care for them! They now have to pay the corporatist fee and get taxed to death anyway! Losers! Fools! They had one small chance to make permanent gain against the ‘machine’ and they blew it! America’s worst enemy in the world today? Americans – no doubt at all! Now go for a ride in your V-8 gasoline guzzling car while your Chinese counterpart rides the Nuclear/electric bullet-train network that enables him to steal your jobs!

    1. We are actually literally low on fuel. Have you seen gas prices? As the transportation industry dies down, so it also has the effect of putting the brakes on the rest of the economy.

      We had an artificial economic boom followed by a “mismanaged” decline that only seeks to destroy our confidence. Don’t fall into that trap… we are still a nation of great innovators and thinkers and tinkers and builders and coders and artists. We just need to stop put our hands in each other’s pockets at the encouragement of the goverment.