1. I’d be surprised if Tommy Chong *didn’t* support prop 19. And James Gray is a cool dude… here. But I wonder how many people he’s sent upstate while on the bench because of California and federal mandatory minimum laws.

    As for Galysh… he needs to start raising truckloads of cash if he wants to be a political winner, not another also-ran libertarian candidate who everyone sympathizes with but knows he doesn’t stand a chance against the republicrat’s money machine. That’s the sad truth.

    1. Well, yes, we all know that about the money, LOL. Just trying to do my little part to generate some buzz, which will hopefully lead to some money as well. It doesn’t just fall from the sky, as you know.

    1. If I had any, I would give it to you and every other person and candidate I know can make a difference. Until the day I can do that, my contribution is in raising awareness of liberty-friendly candidates and issues (while being honest about how the political game is played).

      Don’t rely on the prestige and growth of the Libertarian party to mean anything, you’re going to need either lots of cash or a ton of volunteers (in-kind contributions can exceed the contribution limits if utilized smartly).

      I wish you all the luck with your campaign, don’t be afraid to be the crazy fucker that gets loud and in your opponent’s face, I’ve never seen publicity harm an underdog campaign.

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