The “Snake” Republic

There is another alternative to our never ending struggle for liberty. While various groups have popped up with ideas of starting a new country – most have fallen woefully short in the area of practicality.

There is however, another alternative. The island of Culebra, Puerto Rico is NOT for sale. It is an island off the east coast of the US Territory of Puerto Rico. PR technically called a “Commonwealth” fairly regularly holds plebicite votes to choose between statehood, commonwealth or independence. Commonwealth always wins and independence (led by pro-castro socialists) comes in dead last.

However, Culebra island is unique. During the last general election only 1349 people voted. The islands population is only about 3000 and most residents are NOT originally from that island. Many speak English and the US dollar is the currency.

No passport is needed.

So instead of the Free State Project. I propose we find 1400 adults who are willing to move to Culebra island by May of 2012 (6 months before the next election) register to vote and run a LIBERTARIAN pro-indepenence candidate for Mayor and city counsel. Once elected they call a vote for independence of Culebra (which by the way is Spanish for SNAKE) and then petition congress for independence.

Congress has often stated in resolutions they support what ever the people of Puerto Rico choose in the status debate. No mention of smaller parts of the territory breaking away but should Congress fail to respond within 6 months we simply declare indepenence on go on our way.

Since Culebra is a territory it is NOT seceding from the Union. Since its part of the US there is no legal barrier to moving their, buying property etc. And most of the island is undeveloped, and pristine which makes it a real nice place to be anyway.

Of coarse there are logistical questions to be worked out – but can I get a “Hell ya!” from 1400 people?

I am the Liberty Sentinel
-TLS (From Facebook Today)


  1. This is novel, but impractical for a number of reasons.

    Moving for the sake of liberty is pretty much a dead end for a lot of people, myself included. My biggest problem is why should I leave my friends and family and the community I live in to pursue a rainbow to libertopia. I lump the Free State Project in with that.

    Instead of becoming nomads looking for a home, I urge you to find 1400 (or even 400) people in your own locality who will stand with you.

    1. >My biggest problem is why should I leave my friends and family and
      >the community I live in to pursue a rainbow to libertopia.

      Um, desperation?
      Seriously, the migration strategy is nothing new, and it is happening all around you, just in a more incremental way. People vote with their feet all the time. The FSP just coordinates this to accelerate the process. A catalyst.

      Our more-libertarian-than-thou types would say, “May your chains rest lightly upon you,” but most of us appreciate life’s competing demands. Fortunately, the decision to support the FSP is not binary: if you cannot move now, you could volunteer (we collaborate primarily on line) or donate a few bucks. There are plenty of other people willing to move: over 600 already have, and they are having substantial success. On November 3rd, check out what happened in New Hampshire. ;)

      >I urge you to find 1400 (or even 400) people in your own locality who will stand with you.

      Talking about impractical….. :-P

  2. Are you for real? Is this sarcasm or stupidity? Judging by the mispelling on your las line (“Of coarse” instead of “Of course), I must deduct you are simply stupid. Pro-independence sympathizers in Puerto Rico are not more pro-Castro than Obama is a Kenyan Muslim. Granted, you stupidity is protected by your freedom of speech; I’d love to see you scream “fire” in a theater when there is none, just so I can shove your freedom of speech up your arse.

    1. Mr. Williams, there are no “pro independence sympathizers” in Puerto Rico, you either are or you are not. There is a close relationship with our “latino” kin that you wouldn’t understand. What is your solution to the holy mess you have made out of your country and infected the rest of the world with? More of your Banker Boys and Oil Boys policies of Clinton and Bush. More tax cuts for the rich because you have no honest men left who will invest for the good of their country or their community without a waiver from paying their share of the cost of government (tax cuts when they make a profit)
      Who is stupid Mr. Williams? Maybe it’s someone who has no power and won’t admit it.

    2. Actually Williams, Former PIP President Ruben Berrios is most fond of his picture of him hugging Fidel Castro in the Revolutionary plasa in Havana. Yes, being a hard core socialist is a pre-requisite for being a member of the pro-independence party in Puerto Rico. If that has changed in the 10 years since I left – I would love to know.

      Sorry bout the spelling errors.


      No one.

  3. I found your proposal very interesting and amusing. I am one of the publishers of the Island
    News. What is interesting is you plan to hijack our Municipal government by an invasion of
    1,400 libertarians, run you own candidate, take control and declare independence from Puerto
    Rico and the United States. Wow, ambitious!

    We both are living under failing states so I sense your frustration. If you are interested in pursuing a rational dialectic, I’m game, but before we get carried away we need to get over the first socratic hurdle. How do you rationalize taking power from others, to overcome your own lack of power?
    And you need to read up on Culebra a little, we are not little doggies that roll over on command, and we sleep with one eye open.

    1. James, nice to hear from you. I don’t think anyone is trying to insult the people of Culebra. Nice island, nice folks. But yes – Liberty is failing everywhere and trying to find a place to resurect it is a nobel cause.

      Things are fairly bad now – I think they will ge worse in the future if we do not act soon to preserve liberty. Besides – I sent you my “humble plan” several months ago. You never responded.

      No one.

  4. Oh Boy! Invading Culebra!! Are YOU in for a surprise! Since time immemorial Culebrenses have fought hard for their little piece of paradise – even fighting (and winning!) against the US Navy, who had much more than 1400 people, and most definitely much bigger guns… My question is this: I’ve been trying to get a place there for decades – and although real estate deals happen all the time, land is expensive, and since “overtaking” means alienating the locals, you will likely not have good relations with your neighbors, who like the island just the way it is, and are currently fighting several development projects slated for the island. Please take note: Culebra’s carrying capacity is full up. To do what you want, you’d have to kill the people already there (and not just metaphorically). They know this, and are ready for you. The bigger picture is this: there is no longer any place on this earth that is not populated. If you want to live your values, you are going to have to convince your neighbors, your legislators and your state to do the same. If you can’t, you are in the minority, and you better get used to it. And maybe being a little more tolerant and empathetic might help too. Force and conniving will not solve today’s problems. Building community will.

    1. A million upvotes to you Monica, well said.

      Fight for the home you’re already in.

    2. The original post said nothing about “invading” Monica. – And Culebra and VIeques are both already talking of independence from the rest of Puerto Rico. Considering the current situation on Culebra, with electric service, water service and lets not forget FERRY service – many Culebrenses might actually welcome the idea…

      Nor did the post insinuate violence of any kind. Culebra is not anywhere near capacity right now – but yes, land prices are high.

      Unfortunatly force is used against us all the time – even though we do not use it against others.

      No one.

  5. so you are advocating the invasion of an island and ruining the culture all because of your insane beliefs? i say go ahead and try and get yourself beaten badly in the process. you must know very little about the place. i only visited there two weeks and know just how insane this idea is.

    1. The Free State Project was also called an insane idea, back in 2001. I could comment on the silliness of peeing on someone else’s idea on the Internet (why don’t you go find an idea you do agree with and say something constructive?), I will remind the author that these projects are easy to launch but require 10x the time, people and resources that you would expect. There have been many such libertarian migration movements in the past, and all have failed except the FSP and to a much lesser degree the Free State Wyoming project.

      The author proposes this project “instead of the Free State Project” without giving any explanation of why an alternative is needed, let alone a justification for splitting our forces.

      1. you never responded to my main point which is how fucked up and wrong this idea is! let’s invade this wonderful island and take it over…. these are obviously people that are thinking irrationally…. or just not thinking. this is literally talking about invading an island that you know virtually nothing about and taking it over. how can any rational person defend this?

  6. Nothing wrong with starting small then expand. The idea of a interim Free State encompassing Culebra and/or Vieques makes good sense… But to rely on traditional political minds is to fail before starting. A new thinking along with new leaders is a must…..

  7. Jesse,

    the use of the word \invade\ is irrational. Many Puerto Ricans have moved into the US, Chicago, New York, Central Florida and acquired significant political power – including the election of Puertoricans to high office (Luis Guitierez, Jose Serrano). Why is it innappropriate for American’s of libertarian thought to want to move somewhere as nice as Culebra or Vieques and do the same thing?

    1. really? “no one” what is advocated here is definitely an invasion. you are not thinking. yes there are many latin americans in this country but they were never involved in a specific conspiracy to move to one location and destroy the local population. i say you should please try it and i can not wait to see the locals of culebra beat the crap out of you. this can never happen there, so give it up unless you want a great asskicking. if that is the case, please go ahead.

      1. Jessie,
        again you use words like “invade” and “destroy”. Neither are planned. But whose “ass” are you going to kick? Are the tourists on the island right now – people surveying the island? What about the people who might buy a house there? are you going to attack every visitor and every person who buys a house? That’s ridiculous. The only way for you to completely control who goes to the island is by declaring independence. And if you support the island going independent then we are on the same side.

        and yes, I’ve been to Culebra. Its a very nice place.


        1. since you misspell my very simple name (not sure why you are uncomfortable using your own name) i can only assume you aren’t paying attention. i never said i would kick your ass. when i was there i heard stories from very many locals who are vigilantly protective of the island and don’t want to lose control of it. they are more than willing to stand up and fight this sort of invasion. please look up the definition of the word “invade” if you don’t believe 1400 people moving in and grasping control is not an invasion.
          i am not worried since i know it is impossible anyway. there aren’t enough properties, you would meet with huge resistance, and you would still be a minority anyway.
          and have you really been to culebra? i find it hard to believe if the best you can say is that it is “a very nice place”.

  8. i have to ask….. have any of you doofuses actually been to culebra? i think probably not…..

  9. Are invasions, coups, overthrows, “regime change”, armed struggles, et al, a monopoly of the oligarch? Little minds are incapable of thinking big. Some people will kill for a $20 debt, yet that same person is afraid to fight for what is his inalienable right. Rise up !!!!!!

  10. Running away from our problems to some “Galt’s Gulch” ain’t a solution.
    The only option for freedom loving people is to create a libertarian situation where you live.
    How? I don’t know exactly, but I do know that consenting to be ruled as we in (north) America are now will perpetuate our situation rather than repairing it.
    If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always gotten, and “voting the bastards out” has never worked!

    To consent is suicide; I refuse to consent!

    1. As I describe in The Five Boxes of Liberty:
      “running away” (a.k.a. migration) is not merely a solution, it is an excellent, time-honored, non-violent solution. It has been used throughout US history from the very start, and it is being practiced right now with great success by the Free State Project. That is what makes this entire discussion so psycho. One guys tries to reinvent the wheel, but making it square instead of round, and then others come up with various reasons why wheels won’t work. Meanwhile libertarians in New Hampshire are riding around on wheels.

      1. You free-stater’s are just another flavor of statists.
        You are oblivious to the irony of your packing the ballot boxes with “your kind” of American’s votes to use government to rule others as you would have them ruled.

        I lurked on the FST forum for a few years and noticed that those who would rule with the ballot box are pretty much all the same: You still demand a government to minister to your needs.

        I have friends in NH and they feel about the FSP as the people of Culebra would feel about an invasion of whatever-you-call-yourselves to their lands.

        The only beef you have with the residents of Culebra and New Hampshire is that they don’t vote “correctly”.
        My beef with you is your insistence that voting every 2 to 4 years for idiots who lie and steal and destroy lives makes us free.

        Take the Nolan test again. You obviously weren’t honest with yourself.

        1. The free-staters tend to fall into three groups: those who work inside the system (politicos), those who work outside the system (agorists), and those who work against the system (civil disobedience). Among the politicos are minarchists and anarchists (like myself) who believe that shrinking the state is an evolutionary, not revolutionary process.

          Who needs to take the Nolan test? I score right at the top. You are oblivious to the irony of your typical collectivist’s mistake: falsely generalizing about a group, which consists of *individuals*. Free-staters are simply libertarians like those anywhere else, but who have moved to New Hampshire to concentrate their efforts. Each has his own values, priorities, and methods. They differ from other libertarians in just one thing: they want results, not just more fruitless debate. Those of you who share this interest are invited to the FSP’s annual New Hampshire Liberty Forum, 24-27 February 2011. There you will find hundreds of *enthusiastic* like-minded libertarians, not the curmudgeonly talk you see here.

          Or just listen to Free Talk Live, the best libertarian radio show in history:

          I have friends in NH also, and they have no problem with the FSP. Over 600 free-staters have moved to NH, with almost no conflict. Even if the FSP hits its target of 20K movers, that will amount to only 5% of voters, not enough to “take over” the state. We will have to rely on persuasion. We selected New Hampshire for its existing liberty culture, so there is minimal conflict. Migration is a fact of life: you see it all over the world, and all over the US. You might as well move to a place that better suits you.

        2. “Not my name”

          just to clarify – the purpose of the move to Culebra was for the purpose of INDEPENDENCE and starting over, as a new republic founded in individual liberty, not just to vote in new candidates. Unfortunatly you do have to start with pro-independence libertarian candidats in order to make that happen. The idea had nothing to do with how the people of Culebra vote in one election vs. another.

          I was just curious how the idea would be received among Libertarian types which is why I posted the original idea.

          Frankly i was caught off guard that there were so many Culebra folks here and – I was caught off guard by how angry it made some people. In all candor – this was more “pie-in-the-sky” rather than a plan of action. I’m quite certain your island is safe from a Libertarian “Invasion”.

        3. > Frankly i was caught off guard that there were so many Culebra folks here and – I was caught off guard by how angry it made some people.

          This would make a good follow-up. Seeing how well-connected the Culebra people are to one another and the net, I’m certain they could secede and actually get away with it.

  11. Yeah Steve, I’m sure the FSP has paved its road with all sorts of good intentions, but I for one am just tired of those of you who would rule.

    I’m steeped in libertarian philosophy and have even done a couple of Operation Politically Homeless booths, but pie-in-the-sky aside, most people want to be ruled or at least want dangerous others to be ruled, and they can give many seemingly valid reasons for this alleged necessity.

    Few libertarians (and no Libertarians) want self-government.

    If you want others-government than by all means vote. But if you want to be free you must stop taking the king’s shilling.
    We are told that it is our ability to vote that proves we are free; I would argue we can prove our freedom by how little are hampered by government in our day-to-day lives.
    Using my gage we are enslaved. We are slaves who are allowed to vote.

    The only difference between the slaves in New Hampshire and the slaves here in Tennessee is we’re warmer and our air is a little dirtier. And you guys have a cooler state motto albeit one that nobody much believes in (obviously.)

    1. The FSP concept is very simple: we libertarians are better off concentrating our efforts in one small state instead of being spread out. That’s it, period. So imagine 1000 people just like you, sharing your philosophy and priorities, but instead of being spread across the US, all in one spot, pursuing their version together. We’d be happy to have you and your army of clones. If you know where to find them, recruit them and come. Our libertarian parties (small L, small P) are much bigger than those anywhere else.

  12. >Frankly i was caught off guard that there were so many Culebra folks here

    HoT is registered with Google News, right? Anybody keying on “Culebra” would have been drawn here immediately. I suspect that Culebra doesn’t appear in the news very often. ;)