Tea Party poll results: 65% say DO NOT WANT

Here at HoT, we like to run polls from time to time, (purely for entertainment purposes). Since there’s very little scientific integrity in most professional polling these days, I figure I can add a little bit of jargon/methodology smoke and mirrors and could pass it off as legit, but we won’t insult anyone’s intelligence like that. Anyways, here’s the poll results:

SMALL PRINT: The poll received 208 responses from Oct 15-18th, with no filters against multiple votes or national origin.

We now have a new poll up on the site: a hypothetical 3-way 2012 presidential race between Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, and Ron Paul. Please vote and pass along to your friends.

It’s still for entertainment purposes, but we’ve locked down how much vote fraud can occur and I’m certainly curious of the outcome of this one.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

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