Social networking for stoners

At first, I thought this was apropros and hilarious, but it turns out is actually a pretty crisp networking site for people who like to enjoy smoking marijuana (similar to the wine-lover site Cork’d). I’m not sure if this will turn into a giant honeypot for DEA stings of people who have a taste for Hawaiian Delight, but be forewarned that even though the marijuana liberation movement has more momentum now than any time I’ve seen before in my 32 years (um, a social networking site dedicated to smoking weed… I think the cat’s out of the bag, brother), people still go to jail or have their lives ruined all the damn time.

I can’t wait to see this on the 24-hours news channels. I know we’re going to be able to make a montage of anchors acting high and saying dumb cliche stoner shit… Who’s the lazy media anchor? Yes you are! Yes… (a boo boo boo).

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Stephen VanDyke

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  1. You think thats great, we have been featured twice and both times, the news anchors had something stupid to say about stoners. We are a true Social Network for the Free Minds, Join us today! : A Place to Free Your Mind

    1. Media laziness is predictable and worthy of mockery. Also, they usually have an agenda to support the status quo on drug reform.