Senator Chuckles gets it wrong, again

As the senior U.S. Senator from NY ratchets up his anti-Republican rhetoric and posturing, he’s also trying save Joe and Eileen Bailey from the embarrassing missteps of the TSA. New Yorkers are now suffering the additional humiliation of being the ones responsible for the guy who made up fictional representations in order to better understand his electorate, at least those of us not in the Montana sections of the Empire State. Your local TSA technician might be afraid to take your scanned naked ass to Walgreens for his Facebook page as a result of this proposal, but Senator Chuckles isn’t afraid to walk the tightrope of security and privacy because he’ll always err on the side of authority masked as benevolence.

In his 2007 book, Positively American, Charles Schumer takes us through a shallow journey of satisfying the ‘governmentis’ standard that he has based his entire career on. Government is there to help the struggling middle class from the wrongs on it by the greedy capitalists who would exploit their power at every phase of their nefarious plan. If anything, that occasional helping hand lessons the burden of the noble New Yorker trying to do their level best for the families and community. If some benevolent force like government legislation can level the playing field, he’s your guy. Chucky on the spot, ‘I’m from the government, I’m here to help’.

Never mind that a truly free market could probably handle the security issue with more tact and relevance than anything done since 9/11, our dear Senator is now giving us assurance that our over weight butts won’t be the victims of online replication without severe consequences. Of course there’s little substitute for the homemade and authority driven content making it’s way to YouTube and Facebook every day. Opt-out coalitions, protest days and snide counter rhetoric from the MSNBC talent seems to mark most Internet oogling as baubles for the banal and baffled.

Chuck’s bubble comes from jetting all over NY and only hearing what he needs to from docile victims of his publicity gestures. Years ago I remember going to a Pat Moynihan Town Hall style meeting before they were what they are now. It was a curiosity for sure at that time for me. I know if Chuck did something similar without the staged goons and pliant public being pitched too now, I’d just as soon not go for fear of being incarcerated because I couldn’t hold me tongue any more. Moynihan actually talked about Social Security failing and a time when heroin could be purchased a local drug stores.

Adding another layer to the idiocracy serves one purpose in this case. The perception that the public is being protected at the same time it is being made secure for the omni-present nation state who has lost the confidence of the world. Rather than ever concentrate on the real damage being done by undeclared wars and occupations that threaten to utterly devalue the currency, my Senator continues to avoid these pertinent issues with hyper partisanship on one level and the nagging certainty that his world view is noble and benevolent. Prosecuting idiots getting their jollies off the misfortune of the naked public doesn’t stop the deafening cacophony of irate travelers bemoaning their fellow passenger’s political complacency.

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