Ruffled feathers at Minnesota candidate forum…

The debates are getting rowdy, and I’d say it’s probably not the worst way to have the politically unrepresented help cut through the political bullshit and get straight to the truth from these men in suits. This is the flow of the debate and illustrates some great truth:

Oberstar was cut short several times and fell into responding to Cravaack supporters as they heckled him.

“You just don’t want to hear the facts. You don’t want to hear the truth,” Oberstar said.

“You don’t know the truth,” a Cravaack supporter responded.

Many of the more than 1,800 in attendance had made up their minds as to who they’ll vote for well before the forum. Most wore stickers, shirts or hats with their candidate’s name. The candidates did get their chance to stake-out their positions on key issues.

When asked what their first priority would be if elected to Congress, Republican Cravaack said he would “get rid of Obamacare” to shouts of glee and applause from his supporters.

“I want to make sure that never happens,” DFLer Oberstar snapped back, adding that he would work to protect health-care reform. He said his top priority would be to pass a federal transportation funding bill to put construction workers back to work rebuilding the nation’s highways, rails and airports.

The differences on health care reform were stark.

“It’s going to be a job killer,” Cravaack said. “It’s going to put a bureaucrat between us and our doctor.”

If Cravaack manages a win, and it doesn’t look like he will according to RCP, he’d get the “special” medical benefit afforded to our representatives. What people are waking up to is that this country can’t afford all this crazy social welfare shit. We can’t afford it for the ruling class and the corporations, and we can’t afford the welfare society being laid on the poor, and the smarter republicans realize we can’t afford it abroad in the form of military imperialism. The fact that Jim Obertard Oberstar’s solution is to simply toss more pork at the people in the form of a highway spending bill is damn near laughable in that context.

    1. No, I propose ripping corporations away from the government teat first. I’m no fool, I know the amount spent on the poor is paltry compared to the government subsidies lavished on the limousine class.