Roger Ebert stumbles onto the trail of a conspiracy to create a cult of Sarah Palin

From Ebert’s article Ten things I know about the mosque:

Somewhere on the Right is an anonymous genius at creating memes. Sarah Palin floats a suspicious number of them: Death Panels, Ground Zero Mosque, 9/11 Mosque, Terror Babies. Her tweets are mine fields of coded words; for her, “patriot” is defined as, “those who agree with me.” When she says “Americans,” it is not inclusive. These two must have been carefully composed in advance to be tweeted within 60 seconds of each other: [emphasis added]

I know she has a knack for making up words when interviewed, but what you’re seeing is some very well-thought out dog whistling. You can’t deny that with this kind of manipulation going on, it’s pretty clear that Sarah Palin is a tool of some shadowy figures indeed.

Stephen VanDyke

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      1. LOL, probably not. But you never know. His buddy Kohlhaas is up to no good up in Alaska…

        Wes Benedict, executive director of the Libertarian National Committee, told The Daily Caller that Murkowski hardly fits the Libertarian Party mould. “As far as I’m concerned if Murkowski is for bringing our troops home and for ending the war on drugs and if she voted against the TARP bailout and she is for reducing spending then maybe she could earn a spot on the Libertarian ballot,” he said. “But my understanding is that she voted for the TARP bailout and that is just insanely un-Libertarian.”

        Scott Kohlhaas, state chairman for the Libertarian Party of Alaska, told TheDC that a number of things have to happen before any decision is made. “Rumors are flying but I really have no comment on them because, I mean, Lisa would have to decide to do it and then our candidate would have to decide to voluntarily step down [and] then our executive committee would have to vote on a decision.”

        Kohlhaas said he has no illusions about the fact that Murkowski is not a Libertarian, but says that having her run as one would be a way to get more publicity for the Party and possibly help the Party gain seats in state legislatures. “There are 7,000 state legislative seats out their and we don’t have one,” he said. “As far as getting the name out there, this episode is doing that much better than any one state legislative seat would. And in terms of morale for our Party a state [senator] would be a real gain for us.”

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  1. it’s pretty clear that Sarah Palin is a tool of some shadowy figures indeed.

    I’m sorry, but she’s just a tool….

    …hey, now that I think about it, is it any coincidence that the last three letters of Jennavecia are CIA? Hah! I think not!