Pueblo CO welfare numbers surge

“waiting for the other shoe to drop”

Those who attended the Greenhorn Valley Freedom Forum when Commissioner Jeff Chostner spoke will recall Chostner said no illegal aliens were receiving welfare in Pueblo County because anyone receiving county or state services must have an ID. I have researched and it is possible for an illegal to get a “valid ID” or even easier is to get a “counterfiet ID”. Who even bothers to check them out at all? We know the answer, no one.

I emailed the County Commissioners about this issue. I got no response on this issue from Commissioner John Cordova or Commissioner Anthony Nunez but got an email from Chostner. He said he would look into it and contact Jose Mondragon, Department Head of Social Services, about this and have him contact me yet I was never contacted. I emailed Mondragon but he never answered. I called and he never returned my call. We know who these people are.

I spent time in the parking lot of social services. Guess what? Many of those entering and exiting social services speak very little or no English at all wnen I asked for directions or where I must go to apply for welfare. They responded to my English language question with Spanish speak. That is strange because even Pueblo County is primarily English speaking. The parking lot was like being in Mexico. I felt like I was in a foreign country right in the middle Pueblo, CO USA.

Those of you who received this email and there are many, please forward this to as many people as possible to expose these people for who they are, people who will make us pay for illegal aliens to receive county services. They ignore the rule of law for what? To keep the peace in the Hispanic community and rack up votes for themselves. They are the ruling class. They, all Democrats must be removed from office.

Julian VanDyke, Jr.

"Tracker" is a Vietnam War veteran with a lot of anger to share. We asked him his rank once and he told us to stuff ourselves. He's on your team, and that's probably all you need to know scruff.

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  1. A large part of this problem is magnified when you consider that the Catholic church is downsizing in this country and closing churches. LESS COMMUNITY NETWORK + GREATER GOVERNMENT RELIANCE = DISASTER.

    Of course, this is part of what happens all the time, just that people who migrate will tend to seek out the greatest bounties.