Probably one of the best campaign websites I’ve ever seen

Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf is running for 2010 house candidate out of Missouri. I don’t know what the fuck the Progressive Party is, but I’d swear he’s pretty much my ideal candidate. Here’s some art, which is generously applied throughout his whole campaign website (it’s really a marvel):

I wonder if this guy will get elected? I’d hire him as the Hammer of Truth art and propaganda director in a hearbeat if I could afford him (which is to say, I endorse him as a great designer and thinker). I think he needs to fix his footer though, 2009 made me wonder if the election process had already been over for him.

Tip of the hat to my good chaps at reddit for digging this guy up.

  1. He shouldn’t have used green imagery for himself though, that brings up the blues and greens from the byzantine empire, which is precisely what he wants to not be associated with (ref, Gibbon, vol 8). Basically, the blues and greens were to the byzantine empire what the red states and blue states are to our Union: pulling it asunder until Justinian finally bribed one side off and killed the other at the riot of Nika.

    1. It’s certainly a bold choice. My girlfriend also thought it was a bit… green in her first impression. But if he could display the strength of his support, it would totally override aesthetic hesitations.

    2. I think the Nika riots are too obscure a reference for most people to immediately come to the same conclusion.

      1. I’d hope so, but it IS something that if you look in from the outside, you get to the whole Jon Stewart thing VERY quickly….