Dear citizens of the internet,

These last few days, lots of us have been using the Low Orbit Ion Canon – or LOIC – to attack the websites of those who have undertaken action to prevent Wikileaks from operating properly.

While this certainly helped us to raise public awareness for ourselves – ANONYMOUS, Wikileaks and the battle for the free flow of information; all this remained indeed rather innocent.

Although it has sent a strong message to anyone to better think twice before messing with Wikileaks, it nevertheless poses no real threat whatsoever to those who are in power.

That is why ANONYMOUS has decided to launch a new campaign under the banner of ‘Operation Leakspin’.

The idea is actually pretty simple:

Go to Wikileaks and research the leaked cables you heard so much talk about in the media these last few weeks. Then spread this information.

Lots of these cables have not been properly studied or published yet.

We, ANONYMOUS, the people, will take this work on our shoulders.

We, ANONYMOUS, the people, will spread the actual content of these cables anywhere we can, until all the world will know about the injustices perpetrated upon the people by governments worldwide.

Please – do the same and get involved!

Help us win this war!

Download, share, produce – be free!

Because YOU are ANONYMOUS!


We are legion!
We do not forgive!
We do not forget!


Republished without permission, without regret, from here.


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