Official “Don’t Give a Fuck Day” announcement

I am hereby christening the day after every election Don’t Give A Fuck Day.. I’m not sure if this is acceptable internet procedure, but you’ll excuse me if I simply don’t give a fuck. For those of you who are truly dedicated, you are free to treat yourself to a whole Don’t Give A Fuck Week after the election, but too much not giving a fuck is bad for your health and sanity.

Speaking of sanity, the rally in DC was simply too soon. I think everyone had this idea it was supposed to transform us in some magical way into a world where elections and mass gatherings are the antidote to stupidity, when we should probably realize how little those things actually mean on a day to day basis.

One of my saddest losses in the election was seeing Prop19 get defeated… then I smoked a bowl and forgot to give a fuck.

Some of you are probably going to read a lot into my intentions here with this announcement, and think I’m being political. But I’m actually being rather apolitical, because I promise you… right now on this day I have gladly assumed in the great name of Anonymous… (whether you like it or not) I just don’t give a fuck.