1. what an asshole, why dont we throw you down a concrete stairs then over the staircase…

  2. That damn cop just wanted to be shooting something that day. Too many cops let the badge and gun go to there head. Who cares if he was a K-9 handler he obviously wasn’t familiar with this breed. And, his intention was to hurt something to show off. I hope he gets the reprimand he deserves. Idiots like this don’t deserve to carry a weapon. Make him an office bitch, lol.

  3. Asshole. I have two pit bulls, and I can tell you, if they don’t want to be subdued, it isn’t happening. This jerkoff tried that on my boys (who are brevet levels in french rings), he would have had his ass handed to him. There was absolutely no reason to go as far as he did. The dog wasn’t attacking anyone, and if the jerkoff could subdue the dog in the first place, then he and his dumbass partner standing in front of him could have controlled Parrot until animal control arrived.

    But as always, this asshole will have justified it somehow, and he won’t be punished. So, when Officer Scott “killer” Fike gets to hell, I hope he gets used as the bait dog that Michael Vick gets to spend all eternity drowning.

    Sorry for getting so ferocious folks,but…..  Asshole! Only word that comes to mind.

  4. This cop is a flat out LIAR. There’s more than 27 people who said he over-reacted, and didn’t need to shoot the dog, SCOTT FIKE you are a SICK SICK SICK FREAK, you shouldn’t even have a job, you SHOULD be locked away you psychopath.

    *edited for afwul spelling*

  5. Shame on him and his family. He will receive his punishment sooner or later for this wrongdoing

  6. what the hell is wrong with this man. he clearly has some kind of severe impairment of judgment and morality and should never be allowed to be a cop. When I was reading this article and looking at the picture of that beautiful dog, I actually had tears in my eyes. I can’t imagine being this dog’s owner, and having to stand by while someone shoots my poor, defenseless dog that has just be thrown down a flight of stairs. Not only should Fike be kicked off the police force, but he should be pursued in court, criminally for animal cruelly and for civil damages!

  7. The story now takes on two conflicting sides.

    According to Block, Parrot was calming down when the policeman came
    over, grabbed the dog and threw the dog over the steps. The dog was
    getting up, and the officer shot him. He’s a ” very people-friendly dog
    with absolutely no bite history,” stated Block about the dog he was
    fostering from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

    Officer Scott Fike, a 25 year veteran fired one shot at Parrot
    killing the dog and claimed the dog started running at him to attack.
    Jacob Kishter, commander backed up the officer’s story. Police witness
    Tony DePass, a former DC police officer also stated the dog was

    Now according to multiple eyewitnesses, ” Parrot had already been
    subdued and was being held securely by his foster Aaron Block, when the
    police arrived on the scene; Parrot was not ‘out of control.’ Lucky Dog
    Animal Rescue states the dog did not charge officers either. ” The dog
    was just getting to his feet when the officer drew his gun and opened
    fire without provocation.” Eyewitness, Jennifer Naideth, a festival
    participant supported Block’s story, and called the dog killing ” so
    unnecessary and so violent.”

  8. call in a complaint….File a Complaint
    By phone
    Call the Office of Police Complaints at (202) 727-3838, and a trained investigator will guide you through the complaint process. You will receive a complaint form by mail, which you must complete, sign, and return to OPC within 45 days of the incident leading to the complaint.

    Toll-Free Hotline
    The Office of Police Complaints’ toll-free hotline, (866) 588-0569, allows citizens to report complaints 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During the agency’s normal hours of operation (Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm), an OPC investigator will be available to take complaints and answer questions. When the office is closed, callers may leave a voicemail message, and an OPC investigator will contact them during the next business day.

    1. Thanks for the info to complain Rhino41.  Only problem is….  you have to complain within 45 days of the incident.  This happened in 2010, we are long past the complaint period, however, I plan on phoning anyway to find out what, if anything, hapened to that prick Scott Fike in the way of investigation, punishment action.  I found it very difficult to see  just the photo, never mind watch anything.  My heart is heavy for Parrot and Aaron.

      1. Bodacious, were you able to find anything out on this? Unfortunately, I doubt much action has been taken.

  9. Oh joy…. Another stupid red neck with a badge. I hope he loses his job. I wish they did a better psychiatric exam on these people before they get hired. Because so far. Most of them don’t even seem stable and intelligent enough to hold a job at McDonald’s.

    Shoot first, ask questions later. Seems to be the new motto no?

  10. Read the police report here: http://media.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/metro/documents/dog_shot_police_report_09132010.pdf

  11. I’d like to find the bastard cop and throw him down a set of stairs and be the one to shoot him. Slowly….one limb at a time. Some cops should not be cops. They are a bunch of power tripping animals. Poor helpless puppy….makes me so angry I’m sick to my stomach. What happened to his sorry ass and why didn’t someone reverse the gun on him?

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