Eugene Jarecki’s The American Way of War

I read Eugene Jarecki’s book Why We Fight when it came out and it explained propaganda in a refreshing and simple way. And I just found out that he’s written another book, The American Way of War (yes, I know it came out last year, whatever). I’m currently deep into Hannah Arrendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism (my second read-through, it’s a dense tome) and am wondering what some other good books on the subject of propaganda, mass movements and government manipulation of the people. How do our leaders again and again get people to mobilize for war and chaos on xenophobia and by marginalizing dissent. It’s a subject that endlessly fascinates me and I’m sure quite a few of you here.

After the jump is a very smart interview with Jarecki from YouTube, he certainly has a grasp of what’s going on and is speaking truth to power.

Transparency is becoming more and more the rallying cry for the liberty movement in this country. Organizations like Wikileaks are only the beginning of a new phase in the information war being waged for your mind.

Also, anyone else notice that The Real News is actually a McClatchy outfit? Third largest newspaper company in the U.S. I thought that was kind of funny how they act all underground.

Stephen VanDyke

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