Permanent vacation needed for politicians and bureaucrats

Wayne Root writes:

Critics are complaining that Obama spends too much time playing golf and taking vacations. But I see a solution to our economic crisis. Please, Mr. President, stay on vacation and away from the economy. Perhaps you could explore the far reaches of Siberia or Antarctica? How about a safari in South Africa? Or better yet, tee it up night and day Mr. President. Don’t be guilty. We desperately need you to develop your inner game of golf. Name Tiger Woods your Golf Czar. Work on your putting stroke. Get that handicap down to zero. Practice makes perfect. Play 36 holes every day- minimum. The more time you spend on the links, the less time you have to think about Karl Marx. As your golf score goes down, the U.S. economy can only go up.

Capozzi replies:

I like Root’s sentiment here, but we’d need the entire West Wing to go on permanent vacation to stop their coercive initiatives.

Even then, though, Obama has been leaving a lot of the details of his agenda to Congress, and they’ve come out even worse. Stimulus and ObamaCare come to mind.

So, we’d need Congress to also go on a very extended vacation.

But, then, of course, the permanent bureaucracy implements some of the most injurious aspects of what the federal government does. So, we’d need the cabinet to close down, too.

Then again, state governments do some pretty vicious stuff, too….

My reply: Yep, vacations all around. Great thinking!

Permanent vacations would be great.

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