Nebraska flag burning ban overturned

It really took four years for this to happen? I remember this case from back before HoT shut down, that’s how old it is.

Long story short, the cops in Bellevue, NE arrested those GodHatesFags crazies after they burned an American flag at one of their protests. Crazy anti-gay folks get pro-bono representation from the Nebraska ACLU, incidentally headed up by a lesbian (irony which wasn’t lost on anyone in the process), and eventually Nebraska’s attorney general decided not to appeal after this was struck down as a violation of the US Constitution, which everyone knew would happen.

Kind of an expected process, really, but the police are slow learners I guess.

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  1. I’m not planning on burning any flags anytime soon, but I’m glad it’s legal. Destroying one’s own property should always be allowed, no matter what anyone else says on the matter.