Mexican border massacre

72 bodies have been found at the Mexican border. What the fuck?
From the WSJ:

Mexican marines discovered the 72 bodies—58 men and 14 women —on Tuesday after the lone survivor of the massacre, a wounded migrant from Ecuador, stumbled into a Navy checkpoint the previous day and told of being shot on Monday at a nearby ranch, Mexican officials said on Wednesday.

When the marines went to investigate, they were met with a hail of gunfire from cartel gunmen holed up at the ranch, which sits 90 miles from the U.S. border. One marine and three alleged gunmen died during a two-hour battle, which ended when the gunmen fled in a fleet of SUVs, leaving behind a cache of weapons.

Those aren’t just bodies. Those are people who had families, worked hard for what little scraps our country gives them, all while risking arrest and deportation at any time. I don’t condone them trying to enter our country illegally, but I would never wish them to be massacred so brutally, with such finality. No list of names, just an anonymous one person in 72. This is truly a sad bit of news, even if the media culture tries to trivialize life more and more.

The only reason these cartels are waging war over turf (land routes to deliver drugs, places to store the drugs, people to carry the drugs), apparently against each other and the government at the same time, is because of the U.S. population’s appetite for drugs. These people are the modern day Capones of the Southwest, and they are ruthless, and flaunt the law in egregious, but only because the law means diddly sqaut to their customers who consume their product.

We need to end prohibition and bring an end to this new kind of terror at our doorstep.

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