Jonesboro Ark. man arrested for calling cops ‘nazis’ has been released on condition he won’t sue!

I think this guy should have sued, but he probably realizes that the money comes out of the pockets of his fellow taxpayers, not the police themselves. Will they be disciplined for this idiotic arrest? Probably not. I’m kind of glad that popular windbag O’Reilly gave this some play though, sometimes he fires a round at the right target.

I have no words for why there’s such little mainstream attention on this retarded behavior by cops (or more correctly, their lack of desire to make sure we hold government officials to the same standards of conduct). This is the kind of thing where a 2-week unpaid suspension would cure police of their proclivity to arrest or harass people because they are butthurt by not being treated like royalty, not some new bullshit training pamphlet. They failed to uphold the constitution, suspend them, and when they return, they can explain the lesson that should be learned by the sticks and stones children’s poem. But that seems to be fantasy land, holding cops accountable and all.

Being rude is not a crime, and it’s what keeps government on a short leash. Feel free to call the police department and call them a bunch of nazi assclowns (870) 935-6710 and let them know this ain’t over yet. Let’s score a fuck-yeah for liberty prevailing when these guys issue a public apology.

(870) 935-6710
(870) 935-6710
(870) 935-6710
(870) 935-6710
(870) 935-6710

Fucking do it. And then email the police chief and point him to this article.

Outspoken citizen arrested for calling 3 Jonesboro, AR cops “NAZI” from garage… VIDEO
IHRE PAPIERE, BITTE! Slapped with bogus felony charge and disorderly conduct!

Lib Cog El I Us

America needs a Robespierre, if only for a week.

  1. At the start of the video, I was so baffled by the cameraman’s hate against the cops, but eventaully understand how this hate accumulates.  Cops, words don’t hurt, respect the ppl!  Then you’ll get respected!

  2. It just looked like he was calling a spade a spade to me. America has fallen to pieces and our liberty is sacrificed in the war between the gangs and the police. We get victimized by both anymore.