Lieberman wants Chinese-style censorship of U.S. Internet

I don’t think Lieberman is very smart in rushing his new pet project through the Senate, trying to give the government authority to disconnect parts of the internet (or certain people the government doesn’t like the opinions of, certainly)… in times of war. Hint: we’re in a state of war right now. In fact, I think he’s worse than not very smart, I think he’s a dangerous power-corrupt lawmaker intent on destroying our freedoms.

Well it appear the new front on the war on terrorism is the people of America, because at the behest of this goose-stepping asshole, we now have what’s called the Internet Kill Switch Bill, but luckily Lieberman stepped on his own dick in the process of explaining its purpose:

The elected elites couch the bill as necessary for national security, but Lieberman let slip the real reason when he told CNN’s Candy Crowley, “Right now China — the government — can disconnect parts of its Internet in a case of war. We need to have the ability to do that, too.”

Of course, China disconnects portions of the Internet whenever there’s civil strife, as do other totalitarian regimes. It’s done to suppress the flow of information. Elites hate the free flow of information.

UPDATE: Here’s more info on the scope of the bill, insert your own mental imagery of a bunch of slimey lawmakers giddy in their eagerness to destroy freedom through “Homeland Security”:

Democrats want to get the bill passed within the next four weeks, although “sticking points” could delay the legislation, according to a Senate aide familiar with the bill. However, lawmakers are determined to put the package up for a vote before the end of the year. […]

Lieberman’s version of the original bill includes language that would hand President Obama the power to shut down parts of the world wide web for at least four months with no congressional oversight. The combined version appears to shift that responsibility to DHS, who under the pretext of a national emergency could block all Internet traffic to the U.S. from certain countries, and close down specific hubs and networks, creating an ominous precedent for government regulation and control over the Internet.

I don’t care what your political persuasion is, this kind of blatant censorship is UNAMERICAN and an affront to liberty. Someone needs to take this crazy asshole out of power, quick.

Stephen VanDyke

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