Libertarian wrestler Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs on not sending fascist thug Sheriff Arpaio a donation

Via LRC blog writes Glenn Jacobs:

I received a solicitation for a donation to Joe Arpaio’s campaign today. The letter chronicled Arpaio’s battles with illegal immigrants, Mexican drug cartels, and “open-border” leftists. I find it alarming that a local politician is utilizing illegal immigration as a national fund-raising platform (especially a fascist thug like Arpaio). Meanwhile, we have the mosque controversy in New York, and a mosque under construction vandalized and burned in middle Tennessee.

Lew, it seems as if all that is needed is the right spark and the collectivist inclinations of so many Americans will explode into the police state that we all fear. The politicians and media have worked very hard to create the scapegoats with which to divert the public’s attention away from the failed policies of the State.

I wasn’t around in the ’60s and don’t remember the ’70s so I don’t have much with which to compare the current environment except history books, but things are starting to get really ugly, aren’t they?

And at Reason Hit & Run, Matt Welch quotes an interview with Jacobs from the Baltimore Sun:

I know you’re an active member of the Libertarian party and you author a political blog, The Adventures of Citizen X. Have you ever thought about one day following in the footsteps of Jesse Ventura and running for public office?
Oh yeah, sure. But I think maybe with me it might be more educational stuff — talking with young people and that sort of thing as opposed to pursuing political office.

Do you think there will ever be a Libertarian or independent president or will it always be someone from one of the two major parties?
[Pauses] I don’t know. Certainly I think the way things are going with the economy, and this is not a rip on any particular party because they’re both at fault, but with the centralization of the economy, central planning, that doesn’t work. We saw that everywhere it’s been tried. As things unfold I think people will be looking for answers, and I think the Libertarians, certainly the people that understand real economics – Austrian economics – they have those answers. So we’ll see what happens. I think we do live in very interesting times.

Previous article on Jacobs at IPR

For his part, Joe Arpaio has been making some alternative party related news recently as well by sending out a letter on behalf of Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo.

Wikipedia says

Joseph M. “Joe” Arpaio (born June 14, 1932) is the elected Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.[..]Arpaio promotes himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”[1][2] He has become controversial for aggressive publicity-seeking,[3] retaliation against political enemies,[4] abuse of power,[5] civil rights violations,[6] and financial mismanagement.[7]. He is also noted for his outspoken stance against “illegal” immigration.[8][9] He has become a flashpoint for controversy surrounding Arizona’s SB1070 anti-“illegal”-immigrant act.[10] He is currently the subject of FBI,[11] United States Department of Justice,[12] and Federal Grand Jury[13] investigations for civil rights violations and abuse of power, and is the defendant in a federal class-action suit for racial profiling.[14] Arpaio was once widely popular among voters in Arizona,[15] however his popularity has waned over the last three years.[16]

See also: Scumbag Arpaio at Next Free Voice.


Paulie Cannoli: Paulie was born in Siberia, part of the former USSR in 1972 and the USA is reminding him more of the country his parents took him out of every day. Growing up in the epicenter of the 1980s crack cocaine explosion in NYC, Paulie got caught up in the available business ventures and saw some of his friends die, and then became an activist against the drug war.Through his involvement in the drug peace movement, and college studies in free market environmentalism, he became interested in libertarianism, and abandoned the Democrats after they picked the military-industrial-corporate-statist DLCer and drug warrior hypocrite Bill Clinton as their nominee in 1992, thus finally disproving the idea that 60s radicals were merely infiltrating the establishment in order to change it.Paulie became an LP member in 1995 and a life member in 2000, and has occasionally been on the executive committee of the Alabama LP. Since 1998, he has traveled the country as a professional activist. Between that and his earlier travels in the import-export business as a teenager, he has been to 49 US states and about 20 countries, and lived in a number of them. As a life long entrepreneur, he has also started hundreds of businesses in a wide variety of fields.Paulie recently worked on the Steve Kubby for President campaign, has been an active member of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus, is an advisory board member of Liberty Consulting, and hopes to start a new national College Libertarian Organizing Committee.He is an Anti-war, true leftist, anarchist, left libertarian, agorist, (r)evolutionary.More info here.

  1. This is an interesting interview. I hope he googles himself and finds this page, because I think he is certainly a part of the liberty movement, whether he realizes it or not.

    1. It’s ugly dope, but somebody has to make that money. That’s what you do when you’re a kid in Washington Heights at that juncture in time. I sold all kinds of shit in the 80s. Records, furniture, rocks…you name it.

      1. That’s pretty street. I bet you saw a lot of stuff that made a joke of the non aggression principle.

        1. As that first comment said: Wow.

          I’ve been through some shit in my life and can be a miserable fuck because of it, but I also ascribe to everything being transient and changeable. It is only when we fully realize we are all going to die, that we ever begin to live.