Is Rand Paul just a politician after all?

I’m beginning to have the suspicion that Rand Paul isn’t everything the liberty movement plays him up to be.

He’s recently been caught pants down on the New York mosque debate against elder Ron Paul, with Rand claiming that he “does not support a mosque being built two blocks from Ground Zero.” His recent flippant attitude towards marijuana reform is another step that puts him right in the crosshairs of the marijuana liberty movement. It seems the more Rand Paul talks, the more peacock feathers have fallen out of his ass.

I’d rather not simply slam him with what appears to be a lot of waffling on issues (nuanced responses is the political term), and then walk away swiping my hands in satisfaction. No I’d rather explore the possibility that it’s more a sign of some immaturity on his part and something he should certainly ask himself: do I understand what liberty and tolerance is?

I know a lot of you guys will be all: why are you badmouthing Rand Paul, he’s so dreamy and libertarian-friendly… that other candidate can burn in a fire. And yes, I absolutely agree that the other guy is a government growing, liberty-hating turnip-head. But just think with a cool-head and wonder if maybe Rand Paul might just be playing the role of a politician a little too well.

UPDATE: I looks like the Rand Paul campaign has another doozy on their heads by acting all socially conservative about some boobies on the internets. They received a generous donation from the proprieters of an “adult” community lingerie site – Zivity [NSFW].

I am left wondering why his campaign staff is trying to self-censor on an issue, when they should be showing confidence in speaking up for liberty. Even to spend a moment to educate a reporter trying to find some sleaze angle would be better than capitulation (which in demagoguery is admittance of some guilt and just as bad).

I hope Rand Paul can find his balls to speak truth to power about liberty and freedom and not try to play the political nuance game so much.

  1. Rand Paul is from Kentucky. People there are not cosmopolitan, uneducated and unexposed. If he does not pander to thier extremely ignorant and limited thinking and tunnel vision world-view he will be decimated.

    1. That’s a rather dim generalization of Kentucky.

      I think any level of educated person in this country and Kentucky can understand when liberty and freedoms are being taken away and that their own rights are at stake, even if not immediately.

  2. Kentucky may be more conservative than average, but they’re not all idiots.

    Ron Paul’s pretty good on most issues, even when I don’t agree with him. His son is a whole other matter, though. He’s been waffling on the wars and marijuana… and he’s gotten endorsements from Mitch McConnell and Sarah Palin. I understand party unity and all that, but he’s pretty much the point man for Palin in Kentucky these days. Ron Paul’s even withheld criticism from Palin for his son’s sake, and you could tell from the look in his eyes that he really wasn’t speaking his mind on that bimbo.

    I’m not sure that Rand Paul would really add more to liberty in this country than another Democratic seat. Conway’s going to be a Blue Dog anyway (it’s fucking Kentucky, let’s be real) so at least on fiscal issues he’ll probably have more of an impact in reining in the deficit than Rand Paul would sitting in the GOP superminority. Conway will be willing to cut deals with the Democratic majority, and he’ll extract concessions shrinking spending as a result.

    Obama’s shaping up to be a disappointment on the civil liberties front but then again so is Rand Paul, so it’s not like either candidate is going to stand out on that basis alone.

    Honestly, if I lived in Kentucky I’d vote for Conway. It’d be worth it to ungag Ron Paul’s real thoughts on Palin and prevent that unholy alliance of the absolute best and the absolute worst of the GOP. And, like I said, smarter and less spending instead of pointless stands on “principle” and obstructionism.

    1. Well shit man, you probably need to be covering Rand Paul more than me :)

      Agreed on ungagging him… but if it turns out he’s a consumate ass-kisser and needs to always push himself into proximity to power, I’d probably rather he kept his mouth shut because he’ll always shy away from speaking real truth to power.

    2. GOP superminority.

      Probably not after this election. They might actually take the Senate, If not, it will probably be close.

      1. Ain’t that the truth. Depressing… but funny as fuck, is what it is.

        Just think… hey must be working overtime at NWO headquarters when electoral volatility is this high.