Is NYPD covering up for cop who threatened reporter with rape, or letting random dude pretend to be cop?

According to Radley Balko at Reason, NYPD says this asshole who claims to be a cop while threatening a citizen reporter with jail rape is actually not one of their employees.

As readers point out:

Well if he isn’t a cop, then isn’t assuming the authority of an officer, threatening people with arrest and ordering people to disperse under that authority illegal in and of itself. I somehow doubt the uniformed officer in the video would be ok with some random drunk impersonating a police officer.


Fine. Who is the uniformed cop who either:

1. Allowed the undercover cop from wherever to threaten people with rape.


2. Allowed a non-cop to impersonate an officer.

I’m not sure I really understand how some random guy is supposedly impersonating a police detective on camera in full view of several uniformed officers on a call. Can anyone help me with that?

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