I stopped flying entirely after 9/11

I stopped flying entirely after 911, when Ashcroft and the others seized the opportunity to make a power grab, jacking up airport security and coming out in the open shredding the Constitution (They’ve been doing it for decades on the sly).

I remember flying before, when I would hand my knife over to security and they would hand it back and tell me to have a nice flight.

The very idea that 4 men with box cutters could hijack a plane truly makes me despise the men on that plane that have so little backbone that they would allow it to happen, we have become a nation of sheep… But then, I also question whether a plane really crashed in New Jersey that morning, I have alot of doubts about the whole morning of 9/11/2001…

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  1. I didn’t stop flying after 9/11 for precisely the same reason: 4 men with boxcutter don’t stand a fucking chance vs a plane full of people who are now certain that hijacking = death.