I do not like green eggs and ham.

Someone should illustrate this (Lee, looking your way dude):

I do not like green eggs and ham;
I do not like unlawful bans

of our guns and civil rights,
when defending homes, when taking flights.

You send young men to die in wars,
while abandoning our local shores.

When in times of great recession,
our wage suffers from depression;

But every year yours go up,
it is sure you’ll get your cut.

Your love is money and the power,
to steal from people, make them cower.

You’re spreading fear and telling lies,
but some see through your thin disguise.

You pass bad laws, you insert pork,
you don’t dispute a farce in court.

Hopefully it won’t be long,
till you are housed where you belong.

It’s in a building called a prison;
So I hope to this you listen.

The government our fathers picked,
was a constitutional republic.

The mandate was for hope and freedom,
the plan was that we could keep them.

They wrote and signed the Constitution,
you’ve left it in destitution.

This is no democracy;
This is a hypocrisy.

Blood was shed to make this place,
and now you’ve made it a disgrace.

You are raping our great land,
I do not like you Uncle Sam.

shamelessly jacked from reddit


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