Human Resources (tell us all about yourself)

The Countdown is a great electropunk duo that knows how to make a great statement in a music video. I can’t help but think that in some way or another each day we are being looked at and studied in this clinical, psychoanalytical manner by some faceless technocrats in the name of whatever process term is vogue.
My pullquote today is something I wouldn’t mind seeing live:

The Countdown has become an underground sensation with some seriously loyal fans and a live show that, at any moment, can turn into a screaming match between the Tamar & Steve which has been described as a sort of a “Sonny & Cher on acid”.

My money on them being successful is to go with what’s popular (this is their most popular song) and building on it … and then sprinkling some “however the fuck you make crazy money as an indie artist” pixie dust.