JACK CAFFERTY: Honest elections? It’s looking unlikely

When do we put our foot down? If this is happening in your town, sabotage of machines is sure to follow if the people truly care. Jack Cafferty of CNN asks: Do you have faith that elections are honest?

We should all know the drill by now:

If it’s election time, then it’s time for accusations of fraud and voting irregularities. And, with six days yet to go until the midterms, we cite the following:

In Nevada, there are reports in some counties that voting machines are automatically checking Harry Reid’s name on the ballot.

It’s worth pointing out that the voting machine technicians in one of these counties are members of the Service Employees International Union – a group that’s planning to give tens of millions of dollars in this election, most of it to Democrats. Harry Reid is a democrat.

We are going to need EVERYONE getting on board with being a positive step in installing some legitimacy in our ownership of government elections by THE PEOPLE. If you’re not on board with something as simple as that, then you are definitely visiting the wrong website.

  1. Only way I can see to do this is scantron ballots, like we have in Pocatello, Idaho. Just like the ol’ HS tests, where you filled in an oval and a scanner decided what you answered. We’ve seen the carnage that butterfly ballots can cause, and machines of any type can be subverted. You can’t subvert a #2 pencil.

  2. I once read that in Canada there is one polling place for every 500 voters and everything is done in pencil