Hammer of Truth poll results and progress update

There’s a new poll up about the forced registration for comments and I wanted to go ahead and use this moment to post the results of the two previous polls as well as give a quick update on where things stand with site development and the relaunch to date.
First the results from the tagline poll that ended 8/7 (including write-ins):
QUESTION: What is our tagline/motto? Most votes by 8/7 12am EST wins
10 votes – 47.62% – Common sense, shoved up your… (OLD TAGLINE)
4 votes – 19.05% – radical liberty, f…k parties (EARLY WRITE-IN ADDED TO POLL)
3 votes – 14.29% – sic semper tyrannis (NEW TAGLINE AT LAUNCH)
1 vote – 4.76% – back by no popular demand (EARLY WRITE-IN ADDED TO POLL)
1 vote – 4.76% – bout fucking time this started back up… 7 years later (WRITE-IN NOT ADDED TO POLL)
1 vote – 4.76% – we are liberty movement (WRITE-IN NOT ADDED TO POLL)
0 votes – 0.00% the libertarian community blog – News & Op-Ed (OLDER TAGLINE)
RESULT: tagline changed to winner
The results from the most recent poll, I closed it today 8/11 due to voting slowdown:
QUESTION: Hammer of Truth is back, and I’m feeling…
17 votes – 53.13% – Positive
11 votes – 34.38% – I am a robot without feelings
4 votes – 12.5% – Negative
RESULT: Mostly people seem to think that we’re proceeding on the right track, but there’s a lot of ambivalence and uncertainty (as could be expected in such an infant stage of our renewal). I’ll make an effort to make sure more of you are actively engaged in the future of the site, but your level of commitment remains your own choice.
And of course there’s a new poll in the sidebar that you should vote on, even if you aren’t registered your opinion will be noted and taken seriously. Please note that I have my reasons for the current registration requirement but would rather solicit an unbiased survey from you guys.
Okay, now that we’ve covered the poll results, let’s move on to other pressing matters, namely the evolution of this site into a thriving and useful place for you to return to on a regular basis. There’s a huge laundry list of things that I have for the site… IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: different design implementation, post/link click tracking for listing items on frontpage by popularity, revenue sharing through adsense and other items promised to donors, better user area, post/link submission simplification (non-WordPress interface for all interaction), re-add as Google News source (we are already a Yahoo! news source BTW), notifying 30K of my close friends about our return to previous levels and a ton more that I’d rather not spoil. But right now my priority is three-fold:

  1. Importing the archives (this is number one, of course).
  2. Me posting tons of front-page links to news and opinion relevant to your interests (content production/steering leads to traffic growth and is essential to creating a high level of interest in the site). A site without regular updates is a dead site, period.
  3. Actively recruiting folks who contribute quality links/articles/thought to the site so that my time is not wholly consumed by writing (this is going rather well, and I look forward to seeing more names I remember register and post content or links, even to their own sites… just don’t be spammy, thx).

Let me know how you think I’m doing so far by commenting or direct email, I’d love to hear from any folks who are on the fence or have general questions about our operations to date. Just keep in mind that while the progress may not be swift, things will be moving steadily in a better direction the more engaged everyone is.