H.S. assignment gone hilarious: Design a terrorist attack

Some Australian teacher got the idea to give his students some rather engaging homework, the objective “to kill the MOST innocent civilians in order to get your message across” with terrorism and chemical and biological warfare Now, as an adult, I find flaw with having to kill innocent civilians in the first place, but that’s just a limitation of the teacher’s imagination, not mine. I think he’s a fucking moron to be honest.

As it turns out, some parents got wind and became all irate, because you know little Johnny has been destructive enough. Fuck that little kid, and fuck his crazy teacher. And the school board shat a brick when a bunch of parents started lighting up the phones, so they IMMEDIATELY yanked the assignment and reprimanded the teacher. All is well again down under. Except they still ban small titties, those fascist pigs.

I’m gonna be honest. I think this teacher is pretty idiotic for not toning this down from the start, he must have known the steaming pile of shit that would be rained down on him. But he seems pretty ballsy too, so I’m a bit torn.

So tell me, how would you design a terrorist attack?

Lib Cog El I Us

America needs a Robespierre, if only for a week.

  1. A busload of kids. Just kidding, that’s cliche.

    How about the tried and true method of territorial warfare? One town at a time, just hunt down any government bureaucrats in one city in an unholy reign of terror? Bail out when the feds show up, and leave behind your manifesto. Manifestos are awesome.