Friday offtopic: government fail

It’s Friday, my name is Stephen, I run this site and it is very fun, but sometimes I don’t feel like being outraged and influenced by all the negative baloney in the news. So from time to time I may just post threads of funny pictures or videos or whatever, maybe there’s a theme but I know it will probably be threadjacked, I really don’t care. Offtopic can be fun. Start talking about squids for all I care… Where was I…

Oh yeah, government fail… Here’s a video of a bunch of really stupid cops to kick things off:

By the way, congrats to Lew Rockwell for his fund-raising drive. I don’t endorse very many sites, but I appreciate what they are doing and count them as a brother and ally in the liberty movement and hope they stay strong and grow even stronger.

  1. If you’re at work playing on facebook, or whatever… I want to ask everyone to tell all your friends about Hammer of Truth (our facebook page is fine), go ahead and spam the site and see how many people we can run up in the counter just for giggles. Then if you still need something to support, go help people know they should donate to Prop 19 by September 13 for the moneybomb. I gave $10 and I’m broke. Spread the word and good karma will come your way.

  2. What are the numbers next to the articles? They seem to change every time I reload, and sometimes are out of sequence, if they are supposed to be from most recent down.

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