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As many of the regulars probably know… Hammer of Truth isn’t immune to the economist’s 80/20 rule (wherein 80% of work/production in any market is done by 20% of its participants). In fact we may be closer to 90/10 due to our freshness and the possible skittishness of people who are still trying to figure out just how this wordpress behemoth works.

The good news is that we’re starting to hit our stride in terms of membership rosters and making the site easier to use for amateurs. And while the majority of posts are still being cranked out by a handful of people, hopefully some of you will see this as an opportunity to hijack the frontpage for yourselves and start up some crazy awesome drama on the internets. I can’t see into the future, but the rebirth of Hammer of Truth is looking pretty good.

Damn, I was really hoping to work in some kind of Lincoln pun… oh well.

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  1. There’s obviously more work to be done to inspire the confidence in cult of the Hammer. More will evolve…

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