Explanation of financial crisis by an Irishman

Because common sense always sounds better with an accent:

I’m Jason Calabry with the financial news and today we’re talking to a real Irishman and someone in the money-business, about what’s going on in Ireland with the Celtic Tiger and the..ehme.em.uur. banks are hurting so much, the downfall… What’s the story here?

-Do you really want to know?

-I’d love to know!

-Well, I’ll tell ya its like what happened all over the western world for the last twenty or thirty years. Greed, greed and more fokkin’ greed. Cheap money. And in Ireland it’s a tragedy what’s happened to the Tiger. We have eerm, I’d say four causes: Stupid fokkin’ government, with a regulator that was asleep at the wheel. We had erm, fourty deceitful and conniving, and corrupt developers and of course, above all, wankin’ fokkin’ bankers.

Wankin’ bankers, we had the arseholes that for the last twenty, thirty years are getting these massive bonuses, these employees and directors of banks are the misfortune of the working class and getting these huge bonuses and salaries. [cuts]

But, if you… and all these arseholes should be thrown in jail and the keys thrown away for the rest of their life and you know sir.. If you went in and you’re unemployed and wanted to take a loaf of bread out of this store or supermarket to feed your family, guess what? You’ll be up in Coldford! These assholes are living all over the world now, on the backs and the misfortunes of the working people. And who’s gonna pay for all this? We’ve mortgaged the next generation or two. Who’s gonna pay for it? The working man! The laborer, the small farmer, the fisherman, uhm, the nurse, the teacher, the policman, the fireman, the plummer, the carpenter. Fok sake man, this is, this is a joke.

So I’m sensing a wee bit of discontent?

You are indeed sir, by the way, lest I be too cocky in this part of the world, not America either. All these debts that people have accumulated over the last thirty years, hey everybody gets their day in the sunshine.

And you know, speaking of the Cetic Tiger and that you mentioned, you know that Michael Flatley is really from Chicago? But that’s another story…


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