DHS using assets to detect marijuana growing operations. Not good.

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Regardless how one believes about marijuana and all the debates swirling about it, using Department of Homeland Security assets and personnel in Colorado Springs for a local marijuana growing investigation is just over the top. Some will say that is OK because it is drugs:

A $7 million surveillance plane equipped to detect air, land and sea threats was flown from the Canadian border to Colorado Springs in April to assist in an investigation of marijuana-growing operations that apparently resulted in charges against six people.
The Department of Homeland Security plane, a Swiss-built Pilatus PC-12 Spectre, was requested on April 9 as the Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence task force prepared to launch a series of searches of buildings where investigators suspected marijuana was being grown illegally.
No one was arrested during the searches, which the medical marijuana industry characterized as raids on legal businesses.

I say it is not OK for DHS to be involved in local drug investigations or any other criminal investigation that has nothing to do with national security. There were those who warned us it was inevitable DHS would assume more and more power leading to intrusive activity in internal affairs. We better prepare for round ups and internment in camps. You say, impossible! I say possible.
The tyrants from the bottom up have trashed the Constitution. This is an example of expanding power without clear cut authority to do it. The candidates grassroots activists are supporting better take note there are many of us who are working for their election and they are warned they better be strict Constitutionalists and champions of individual liberty or there will be political consequences and that means not using resources that are specific to national defense to spy on citizens for any reason. The plane is a spy plane so it is spying on citizens.