Death Panels: Finding out what’s in ObamaCare 2011

They say some gifts just keep on giving. I have heard that about herpes, rotten ex-wives, food poisoning, and I believe it to be most true of the health care law. Read this NYT article to get the latest tidbit. Bear in mind as you read it, the NYT is probably one of the most left leaning news sources in print today. (This is probably a major reason why they are consistently flirting with bankruptcy.) Let’s look at a snippet from the article, shall we.

When a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning touched off a political storm over “death panels,” Democrats dropped it from legislation to overhaul the health care system. But the Obama administration will achieve the same goal by regulation, starting Jan. 1.

Wait a second, weren’t we told that Sarah Palin was an imbecile for stating that the Death Panels existed? I am certain I saw and heard that everywhere. Why drop something that doesn’t exist from the bill. Perhaps the Democrats should have read it before passing it. Notice also the last sentence in the paragraph. The law was written to be purposefully vague. The phrase, “at the discretion of the secretary,” appears quite often. What this does, in a nutshell, is give vast amounts of authority to the executive branch to bypass the will of the governed. We the people did not want death panels. The Legislative Branch left them out of the bill to appease us, but our President has forced them upon us none the less. So, now we have death panels, and Sarah Palin is not such an idiot after all.

There is a distinction here in my anger. I agree that everyone, and especially those of us with children, should have some advance directives for medical care as part of a basic estate plan. We should all have a health care proxies, durable powers of attorney, and living wills in place. I do not have a problem with this care being covered by insurance companies beyond the simple asininity of the economics imposed by this system. (That is to say I do not find it inherently evil that this coverage exists. Simply idiotic that we are adding the cost of what an attorney can draw up for you, and will still need to be called in at some point anyhow, with now including an extra payment from the insurance company to Doctors who will fill in the same form and include it as part of their services as well.) This end of life care already exists, and is handled more efficiently now, it is just that not everyone has the foresight to participate. One of the things that this Law does is increase the cost of making these decisions and forces participation on those people who do not wish to do so. This is the government taking your choice away, and forcing it to bureaucrats.

What I do find evil and disturbing about the Law, is that the End of Life Counseling will be performed by government paid doctors with incentives to reduce costs. In our current and still cheaper system, the estate plans are performed by advocates on our own personal payrolls. As I’ve stated before, the evil that is possible may not occur this week, or even within the next couple of years. Let’s pretend that President Obama is the most benevolent, wisest, and most capable President in the room. Let us pretend that he does not intend to abuse the power he has conned the American People out of. Do we still trust the President we do not yet know? Do we trust the man or woman who holds that title in say 20 years time? The reason I ask of course, we have given him or her the same authority as well. I realize that this may be a subtle distinction. I also believe that most Americans get that distinction. The latest polls on this Health Care Monster show underwhelming support for what was done to us. Keep the pressure on your Congress Critters, this sink hole of a Law needs to be repealed.

This article has been republished with permission by Flyovercountry, see Part 1 and Part 2.


As a graduate of The Ohio State University, I began working as an Assistant Manager in a Woolworth store in 1986. After spending 19 years in retail management, I decided to change my life. I transitioned into the Financial Services industry. I currently work as a Financial Planner with my own firm in Rocky River, Ohio. Along the way I managed to collect 4 children and two ex-wives. My political views started out on the left, but as time went on, and I realized that consequences mattered, I gradually became more conservative. On another note, as I am brand spanking new to this blogging thing, please feel free to leave comments as to how I can improve in any comment thread. Thank you for your help.

  1. While I really want to be angry at Obama, these days I really just see him as the puppet figure and the real power of decision is vested with the lobbyists who are writing these ridiculous regulations.

    People won’t start really flipping out over Obamacare until it really starts having an effect on them and they realize how bad the dupe setup has been. There’s simply no faith in this administration to do the right thing because every move that involves the people’s money has been exposed as a new way to defraud us or further erode our rights and dignity. I expect we’ll see how badly this new round of health care regulation can mess up the free market economics of medicine and fail in ironic ways.

    1. Everything you say is mostly accurate. Here’s the rub. Much of the damage won’t occur until after 2014. These guys wanted to keep us from being really pissed until after the 2012 elections. If you notice in the NYT piece, all of the proponents sent each other e-mails which basically said, yeah we got what we wanted, but let’s keep quiet about it. Once the damage is evident, it will already be an entreanched entitlement.