1. This country is becoming racist as hell with the anti-islam and the anti-latino and the anti-black sentiments bubbling up as scared, angry people try to come to grips with the reality that they are being fucked in the ass and want to find an easy bogeyman.

    I’m not surprised to see David Duke’s name popping back up in this mess, but to be honest he’s not the one we should be looking out for. We already know who and what he is, and his type of racist idiocy is fringe. The real threat is from those who speak in the coded language and appeal to a wide base of NON-racists.

  2. OMG! David Duke is going to run another futile campaign!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

    As Ford said:
    “It is time to show that the cry of bigot is raised mostly by bigots.”

    1. “It is time to show that the cry of bigot is raised mostly by bigots.”

      That doesn’t even make sense.

          1. LOL. So, let’s see:

            1) You believe that ethnic and/or religious groups deserve(d) collective punishment

            2) That the group that deserved punishment was “Zionist Jews,” centuries before Zionism was invented

            3) That these views don’t make you a bigot

            4) And that anyone who thinks you are a bigot for believeing the above claptrap is a bigot


          2. Poor disinter…no way out of the box of illogical paradoxes you have created for yourself, and no substantive response.

            Send the tissues to yourself; apply at both ends.

    2. And Ford wrote “The International Jew: The World’s Biggest Problem.” Nothing bigoted in that, eh?

        1. Yes, nothing bigoted in the view that a religious and/or ethnic group is the world’s biggest problem. Nothing collectivist about that, either. War is peace, freedom is slavery….