Daily Conservative baits 4chan

Daily Conservative is baiting 4chan with modifications to their hijacked poll (dumping results, instead of the entire poll). And now the admin called out them out in a post — this guy is plain idiotic.

Website destroyed in 3… 2…

UPDATE: Comments directed to Joseph Langleroy (word is that shit may be fake) at The Daily Conservative are welcome here… I also noticed the registration wall.


UPDATE 3: Robert X. Cringley has a related article on why you don’t fuck with Anonymous.

FINAL UPDATE BECAUSE THIS SHIT IS BORING ME NOW: Gentlemen, I highly recommend you lrn2sage the spammers, because there’s a ton of internet dickwads who will manipulate you to get traffic to their shitty RSS scraping sites covered with ads. Kill your cancer.

  1. Why would you even make the poll in the first place? Did you really feel the urge to let people know Daily Conservative isn’t racist?

    I mean seriously, it’s like making a poll asking “Is the earth round?”. The vast majority of people already know blacks and any other race of people are equal to one another so why make a poll about it?

    Also, the police aren’t going to care about 4chan hacking some internet poll. lol

    1. Together with all the websites which you have mocked in the past, we stand against your terrorism

      OMG Clicking Links is Tayyerizzim!

      I think jaywalking in front of a conservative’s car is tayyerizzim now.

      As well as not being Christian within 100 miles of their house

      OMG SRSLY this guy trolled HIMSELF.

  2. You do realise nothing illegal was done so the police can’t do anything, all that happend was a link to your website and people voted on the poll as they believed. You Admin sir are and idiot.

  3. Shit, he’s getting the cyber police on us because we believe blacks aren’t equal to whites.

    What are we going to do..

  4. You have trolled the trolls.Is this a win for You ??? If yes then You are even more pathetic then those trolls…

  5. OH NO does this mean i’ve been backtraced!!! fuck I better lock my door and internetz, b4 teh cyberpolice gets here!

  6. He was an idiot for making the poll in the first place. Aside from all the information our future rulers over at Google have gathered on us. The internet is relatively anonymous. Where everyone can (and often times will) be an asshole just for shit’s and giggles. People (not just /b/tards) will vote the worst possible result just to be dicks (because they can get away with it). Assholes were around on the internet long before 4chan, it’s just 4chan gave them all a place to gather. If it weren’t 4chan, it would be another place.

    This is why internet polls are absolutely ludicrous, hell polls in general are just stupid. Very few people are honest when it comes to polls. On the internet we lie for laughs, in real life, we lie to give the respectful or what would be deemed the “proper” answer.

    1. Before 4chan it was SA and Fark.

      Before SA and Fark it was IRC.

      So yeah. But it’s easier for dimwits like OP to blame the site, not the human existence.

  7. Why bother calling attention to this? Even money says that Daily Conservative cooked this shit up to get free public attention as the “latest 4chan target”
    Seriously, between all this shit with “cyberbullying” It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to find out that the Admin of Daily Conservative is a active 4channer, or that this whole thing was cooked up for the sole purpose of bringing in webtraffic.

    1. So yeah, I agree… but why not expose him as the shameless hack he is then? I just dropped this bomb into Google News and odds are this article will bubble up to the top 10 results for his website.

      If that happens, then I’d say it’s MISSION FUCKING ACCOMPLISHED.

      1. Why bother fucking with it at all? If this was a true 4chan hack, or DDOS for that matter, the whole site would be littered with shit, the poll would be replaced with something actually lulz-worthy, and pictures of a black guy with his dick in a KFC bucket would be all over the place. Or the site would be down. Period.

        As for this article and Google News, man, why even bother giving them the attention at all. Anything about this only serves to grab traffic, and then whatever conservative bullshit they want to spread, get’s spread. (And sadly, there are people in the “good ol US of A” that’ll believe anything printed, on the internet or paper.)

        1. Protip: calling the US “the states” when you are from there is a bullshit affectation. Lrn2america retard

  8. dear stephan.

    you do realize that we are with many? we are legion? And that we will keep fucking you until nobody visits this pathetic site ever again? this will not end today? tomorrow? next week? ever?

    Good luck stephan, good luck.


  9. Anon he’s just commentating on the actual site and it’s admin. He’s not the admin, you stupid fucking faggot.

    Suck a dick, newfag.

  10. What the fuck is this crap? Their was no political motive behind this, It was purely for the lulz, the same thing happens when the anniversary of Women right to vote, they voted in masses saying we don’t like the women right to vote. Because they printed the poll in the Florida State university paper, hilarity surly ensued.

  11. “Anon he’s just commentating on the actual site and it’s admin. He’s not the admin, you stupid fucking faggot.”

    And that’s why 4chan sucks, now that all the teens have infested it. None of them fucking read, or think before typing.

  12. Look at all of the posts, they’re made today.

    It’s a fake website, and he’s made alot of money today from ad views. lol

  13. I got to say, Kudos to you Stephen, you pulled this one off pretty well. And sadly, with /b/ flooded with teens and idiots, it’s going to get the attention you crave. You little whore you.

    For those of you who haven’t yet figured it out, this was, most likely, set up by Stephen VanDyke in a glorious attention-whore attempt to get web-traffic and to make a “name” for himself. I’m sad to say, and see, that /b/ has fallen right into his hands, and this will likely see more attention then it ever deserved.

    Once again, Kudos to Stephen. I’m going back to 4chan where I’ll lurk moar and laugh a little less now.

    1. Nah, I just know when and where the shit goes down some days… I don’t fabricate news, and frankly I’m just not that smart.

  14. You dun goofed, 4chon!

    SRSLY – what kind of douche puts up a poll asking this question? Is this 1910, or 2010?

    For your next trick, I suggest harassing a gay school council president, maybe some gay pride flags with swastikas..

  15. Seriously, you completely forgot the poll question “I’m a conservative blowhard who thinks that having all his like-minded sheeple readers answer a stupid pointless question that was a lame attempt at being provocative proves something to someone about what people think — and that this even matters.”

    I mean, there’d be at least your vote.

  16. Durr, someone named DailyConservativeAdmin is DEFINITELY legit, nobody would ever think of trolling like that.

  17. Um, what an idiot. No one refreshed the page. The site just had a lot of people vote for their opinions!!
    There was no hacking involved!!!! LOLOL
    Or how he would say, “lulzy.”
    He banned everyone? No, he didn’t. There’s no way. He banned people because they think whites are better than black?? Even if he did ban everyone that voted that, which he didn’t get their IP’s, he would have to vote the actual regular visitors of his site that voted the same! That’s hurting his site. Lulzy.
    That picture is making it out like their caught us doing something wrong or something.

    Nothing illegal happened, and no action was ever taken against those who voted the way that they did.

  18. In reading your ragin’, I couldn’t help but notice that you, sir, are probably THE worst conservative I have ever seen.
    Is that the real troll here?

    What exactly have you accomplished? While you could have been doing something useful, or at least slightly more meaningful, you decided to “bait 4chan”, when really, what other response could you have expected? Congratulations, you “discovered” something anyone could have guessed with 1/10th the effort.

    Also, the police can’t really do anything about your poll because, well, there’s not exactly anything wrong with having an opinion in a poll. All 4chan really did was bring 6,000 people with slightly different opinions than yours to vote in it. :)