Meet Brigid O’Malley of Cleveland/Cuyahoga county

Meet Brigid O’Malley, this public “servant” works 4 hours a day, makes $64,334 a year, and refuses to have her picture taken. Meanwhile, the board she sits on overcharges thousands of people on their property taxes.

O’Malley stormed out of the room before 10 a.m. when she learned the newspaper had planned to take pictures for its investigation of the boards of revision. Moments later, she returned and said the county prosecutor ruled that pictures could not be taken of the meeting. […]

After speaking with O’Malley, administrators allowed the photographer inside the hearing room. O’Malley leaned back in her chair and blocked her face with a binder for most of the 10-minute hearing. She peeked over the binder when the camera stopped clicking.

O’Malley, 54, declined to comment afterward.

She’s clearly never heard of the STREISAND EFFECT…

UPDATE: She’s a Jimmy Dimora appointee, and from all appearances it looks like she’s no stranger to getting sweetheart deals. She paid $50K for a house in a neighborhood where homes are worth $160K+ …how the fuck is that legal?

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