Barack Obama: The Third Term of George W. Bush….Literally?

Some of us thought, during Dubai-ya Bush’s court-appointed reign of error, that there was a high chance he would call off the pretense of elections entirely, and use some (possibly engineered) tragic event to stay in office under “emergency” martial law — the better to avoid war crimes prosecution.

But, I think he stumbled on something even more clever: he went to Mexico, got a tan and some plastic surgery, dropped the fake hillbilly accent and phony dumb cowboy act, and made his way around the pesky problem of the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution by being elected under a fake name: Barack Obama.

Not only does this explain why his policies are so seamlessly continuous from one term to the next, but it solves the mystery of the “missing” birth certificate that is constantly brought up by the birther nuts – even though he was obviously in fact born in the US. It’s just that he was not born as Barack Obama, but as George W. Bush, son of George H. W. Bush.

Sure, I know how absurd and far-fetched this may sound to some, but can anyone provide a better hypothesis to fit all the observed facts? :-P

  1. Paulie and Stewtard Richards? Next thing you know Susan Hogwart will be on here and that combined pile of statist feces will tank this ship faster than LFV…

    One will be claiming the Joos are our saviors, while the other will be crying that troofers are scary and Hogwart will be trying to censor the whole thing. LOL. This is funny.

  2. George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama are both 6’2″


    Yeah, probably, but definitely a funny one.

    1. Correction, George H.W. Bush is 6’2″ Dubya is 5’11”. So maybe he’s wearing lifts… heh.

      Oddly enough, Clinton is also 6’2″.

      And that concludes our random presidential measurement trivia moment.