Anxieties of a Zombie Nation

Anxieties of a Zombie Nation: “As more and more of the “lesser classes” of society are falling victim to lost jobs, lost homes, or loss of health care, it’s a coping mechanism to “Zombify” the victims to decrease the feeling of helplessness that you are feeling.”
The Zombie Economy – a round up of corporations that need a double tap…
Zombie Culture and the March of Socialism: “we are interested in zombies because according to the mythology, we could become them ourselves”

  1. I love this analogy. Zombies are like people on welfare, who indirectly feed on the brains of the hard working. Vampires are like the powerful elite, they feed on the essence of life and creativity by luring you in with offers of wealth and fame of which was just stolen from the previous generation. Werewolves are like criminals of opportunity, as in the right circumstances a normal productive person can be transformed into doing something wicked. Mummies are like con men, they are resurrected to be used on every new generation, like pyramid schemes.

    1. Yes, zombies are the enemy of productive living people. Exploring the cultural symbolism of zombies as something that only inhabits and feeds on the world without contributing in any meaningful way is a favorite pastime of mine.

      I think it strikes a chord because as the last link aptly points out: “we could become them ourselves” and probably wouldn’t even realize it.

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