Adam vs The Man has emotional show

In a highly emotional show, Adam Kokesh (former Marine, Ron Paul Republican and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War) discusses recent revelations that troops in Afghanistan are killing civilians for sport, triggering his own post-traumatic stress disorder on air:

Over the weekend, some startling revelations came to light about atrocities committed by soldiers in Afghanistan in a Washington Post article, “Members of U.S. platoon in Afghanistan accused of killing civilians for sport.” I wanted to deny it. I wanted to think there was some way this was all fabricated and distorted, but there are too many undeniable facts here. I’m sure there were some details that were wrong and we will follow this story as it continues to unfold. Apparently, some of the soldiers were even collecting body parts of those they had killed and beat up a soldier who attempted to blow the whistle. This is going to become as defining a feature of our war in Afghanistan as My Lai is for Vietnam.

What bothers me the most is when veterans are fooled by pro-war neocons into dismissing these attrocities as “a few bad apples.” There’s really no way to get through to some people that psychological conditioning (by the media and military operatives) is leading to both the heinous acts against Afghanis and our regard for them as a people to be unworthy of our respect or even concern when rational thought would show the occupation is clearly off the rails similar to the crazy stuff that happened at Abu Ghraib. God only knows how much of this stuff never even sees the light of day thanks to institutional secrecy that actually condones certain war crimes.

Stephen VanDyke

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