700 news sources that don’t check their facts…

Someone at Wired.com set up a clever ruse to see who could get snared in a Wikileaks hoax fed misinformation about a release of 400,000 documents as fact. I’m impressed at the level of thoughtfulness that went into this It appears to be malicious in intent. Here’s the short list of who’s doing shit reporting, it’s fascinating:

Telegraph, Washington Post, CBC, CNN, The Register, Economic Times, Xinhua, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, Canadian Press, IBNLive, Chosum Ilbo, Talk Radio News Service, GroundReport, The Week, Daily Rosetta, AlterNet, Metro, New Delhi Chronicle, Firedoglake, Secrecy News, Press TV, Federal News Radio, Journalism.co.uk, The Drum, ComputerWeekly, NewsTime, ShortNews.com, Newsi.es, Neon Tommy, Indie Pro Pub, UPI.com, Radio New Zealand, BBC News, First Amendment Center, The Australian, Reuters, PC Magazine, Scottish Daily Record, Oneindia, CNN International, New York Times, ABC Online, CBS News, NPR, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, The Press Association, Associated Press, NEWS.com.au, USA Today, Washington Times, SmartCompany.com.au, The Hill, Gather, MyFox Philadelphia, Newser, Seer Press, Third Age, DigitalJournal.com, Malaysia Sun, Inventorspot, Only Kent, RebOrbit, Pakistan News, Antiwar.com, Mashable, AOL News, Gawker, Media Post Publications, AllVoices, Editors Weblog, Comtex Smartrend, IT Pro Portal, Democracy Now, THINQ.co.uk, TechEye, Raw Story, MSNBC.com, Jerusalem Post, PhysOrg,com, Digital Media Wire, Boing Boing, TechRadar UK.

That’s just the short list. Journalists in the digital age, you’re officially on notice.

Be aware, this is how misinformation spreads and sources should be thoroughly vetted and attributed. If some prankster malicious individual or group with a lot of free time can spread something patently untrue this far and wide, just imagine how much government propaganda is slipping by the fact-checkers.

UPDATE: I’d like to go on record saying that the Wikileaks team is doing a glorious job of taking on the role of exposing the media’s speed-obsessed hypocrisy in fact-checking and the transparent ability of most anyone to manipulate the media, if only for a short while. What appears to be happening here is really nothing more than a rather blatant attempt at hyping Wikileaks, to set them up for failure. If that’s indeed the strategy, it’s even more important that the whole truth be exposed far and wide and we can take a look at the original story and it’s authors (Kevin Poulsen and Kim Zetter) with a leery gaze as needed.

I also added a picture to convey the media fail of epic awfulness going on here. 700 news sources blathering the same lie, just… wow.

LATER UPDATE: Quoting directly from the Wikileaks twitter account: Rather than apologizing for misleading the press, the Pentagon tries bully it into not reporting | Reuters http://reut.rs/ce31jf

Hey David Alexander of Reuters, way to add a blurb about the bullshit alleged rape smear… great job you’re doing being an uncritical mouthpiece of the Pentagon’s agenda to discredit and discombobulate. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

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