2.3 Trillion $$ of the TAXPAYER’s MONEY IS MISSING

Spread this video around before 9/11… Let’s remind people what the the military industrial complex looks like, so they can see that we as a nation have been duped MEGA hard (and hopefully, see that Obama is exactly the same).

RELATED: An advocacy group for the remembrance of WTC Building 7 have come up with a TV ad. It’s actually a pretty fair shake at the whole 9/11 jingoism that insists we’ll never forget, while so many clearly have no idea what actually happened. No theory at all, the powers that be have been slowly turning 9/11 into more and more of a galvanizing talking point than an event in history that can be rationally examined.

Lib Cog El I Us

America needs a Robespierre, if only for a week.

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