Your Government on Drugs

This is drugs.
These are your liberties.
And this is the government.
Any questions?
” – Penn Jillette

H/T to ChildMo.

posted by Stephen Gordon
  • That was a great episode.

  • Stuart Richards

    That’s fucking awesome!

  • I fucking love Bullshit!

  • Devious David

    Well done!

    It was interesting to watch the yolks stay ahead of the roller for just a little bit after they broke out of the shell.

  • Andrew

    That was the magikist.

  • Jabial

    This is not accurate. For it to be, there should be four perfect pans after the road roller goes over the original pan.

  • Jabial

    Alternative : the roller goes over more and more eggs and never reaches the pan.

  • Terroja

    Penn for Prez.